Exterior Services

Select Painting has over 10 years of experience painting exterior homes in Sioux Falls and surrounding areas.

We specialize in high quality, long lasting work which is why we primarily offer the Roll-and-Brush method. This method involves rolling-and-brushing paint onto the surface to ensure maximum coverage and consistent longevity.

Select Painting is not limited to rolling-and-brushing, which is why we have specialized crews that offer Spraying and back brushing.  The most consistent and effective way to perform the spray method is to back brush behind all areas that get sprayed.  The best way to perform a high quality job is to ensure the paint gets worked into the wood and siding.

Click on this photo to see a panoramic image of an interior where we painted ceilings, walls, and woodworking.

Interior Services

We offer a variety of interior painting services including: walls, ceilings, trim work, railings, doors, and cabinets. In addition, we offer minor patch and minor texture work if it is in correlation to your job.

Select Painting offers an extraordinary interior painting experience.  We provide high quality finishes performed by an unmatched and personable staff.

Your experience begins with an estimate to ensure that you get exactly what you want and what Select Painting promises.  Once the details are finalized, we will schedule your project and do our best to arrive on the days promised.

Here is our systematic process for working on the interior of your home:

1. The first step in our process is prepping each room with drop cloths, plastic, taping base boards, taking down outlet covers, spackling holes and helping move furniture.  Once a good job of prepping has been completed we are ready to start painting.

2. The second step in our process is to start applying paint in a systemized order to guarantee a high quality finish and uniform coat.  At Select Painting we only offer high quality products to make sure that your paint job maintains its appearance and has unsurpassed durability.  All paint is brushed and rolled with the “comb down” method to deliver the best looking wall possible.

3. The third step in our process is to help put the room back together according to each customer’s preference.  At this point we clear out our equipment, put outlet covers back on, take down tape and plastic, and move furniture back into place.

4. The final step in our process is to inspect our work, meaning  we will do touch-ups as needed to make sure quality and uniformity are met.  Once our work has passed our standards we are proud to show each homeowner our completed project.



Select Painting also offers quality workmanship on staining decks.

We power wash to remove all grey wood and prep the surface for application of product.  All wood will be properly prepped prior to staining and will be given adequate time to dry before staining.

We consistently advise to steer homeowners to a high-quality, oil penetrating stain instead of latex based stains.

Satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Commercial Work

Having served over 1700 homeowners we have begun working for contractors and builders in the Sioux Falls area. Being confident in our process and customer service, we have a resume of previous commercial work and are offering full mill-work packages and full interior and exterior work. We have the shop space to do doors, windows, cabinetry, etc. Let us know how we can help and get you numbers in a timely manner.

We would love to offer our services for your business needs.

“My husband and I have done 5 large construction jobs in the last 4 years. Your team made the #1 spot for contract work. Seriously. We know we are picky and your team met our standard of work in so many ways… Thank you, you exceeded my expectations.”