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At Select Painting, we are reliable in our commitments, disciplined in our actions and pursue excellence.

We offer interior, exterior, residential and commercial painting for Sioux Falls and the surrounding areas.

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You’ll quickly learn why we’ve been voted the #1 Local Best painting contractor in the Sioux Falls, SD area 5 years in a row.

We follow through on our promises by using old-fashioned values and integrity to get long-lasting results.

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Exterior Painting

Exterior Services

We bring over 10 years of experience to every exterior painting project in Sioux Falls, SD.

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Interior Painting

Interior Services

We specialize in beautiful, clean, and long-lasting work inside of your home, treating each residence with care and respect.

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Commercial Painting

The Wedge

Commercial Painting

Our dedicated commercial painting teams are ready to help contractors and builders in the Sioux Falls area. From large to small, we can help with your commercial painting needs

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Why Choose Select Painting?

From our very first conversations about your project, you’ll notice something different.

You’ll experience a team excited to estimate the job fairly and accurately! And a respectful, helpful, and brilliantly talented crew who will finish your job down to the last detail.

Our mission is simple: We’re changing the standard of contracting services in our city, Sioux Falls, SD, and the surrounding region. We want to be the people who set the pace in both skill and customer service.

To do this, we build our team through a respectable, detailed interview process. And our focus is creating an amazingly happy team who loves doing equally amazing work.

Attention to Detail

Owning a home is one of the largest financial investments you can make. So, we will treat your home as if it were our own.

  • We are meticulously detailed with prep work.
  • Our workmanship is second to none in both painting quality and personal service.
  • And when we’re done, we clean up so well the only way your neighbors will know we were there is because of how incredible your exterior, interior, or commercial space looks.

We understand the weight of trusting a contractor with your home and do not expect final payment until each customer is satisfied with the work done at their home.

Consistent Follow-Through

Have you ever had a contractor not show up when they promised they would?

You clear your schedule, or even come home early from work. You’re on time—but they aren’t.

Fortunately, that’s not what you’ll get with our team.

Because we value your time and trust, here are the standards we hold ourselves to:

  • We’ll show up when we say we will.
  • We’ll do the work we promise.
  • We’ll finish the job on time and on budget.

Now, to be honest, there have been instances where we dropped the ball—plain and simple. But, when we make a mistake, we own it immediately, and make things right.

We’re all humans, so we’re not perfect. However, we are as reliable and intentional as they come and will make things right if anything slips through the cracks.

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When we met Diane Olson of Sioux Falls, SD, she had just purchased an historic house in an historic neighborhood. It was in need of repair, but she knew it had great potential.

On the top of her to-do list was having the exterior of her home painted.

So, she checked with neighbors who also had historic homes to find out if Select Painting was up to the task of restoring her home to its former glory.

Watch the video to see how we did!

We are a company that seeks to be a blessing to each client.

We do this through the work performed and the manner in which we do it.
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