4 Tips to Budget for Your House Painting Project

Maintaining your home’s exterior is an essential part of home ownership. From keeping your yard looking fantastic to ensuring your home’s exterior is looking its best, you take pride in your home. Your home is an investment. When it comes to increasing your home’s value, choosing to upgrade your home can go a long way. […]

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Help! How Much Exterior Paint Do I Need To Buy?

After sifting through countless paint swatches, flipping the pages of home design magazines, and watching HGTV unceasingly, you have finally decided on a color scheme for your home’s exterior. You might be asking yourself, “how much paint do I need?” You will need to estimate how much paint you will need to purchase while avoiding […]

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Exterior House Colors To Sell Your Home Fast

It’s time to sell your home, and you’re looking for a quick and painless way to maximize your home’s value. There are two words you should first focus on: curb appeal. And one of the best ways to increase curb appeal is to update exterior house colors.  

Any realtor will agree that a home’s exterior […]

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How To Paint Brick and Stone

Brick and stone are some of the most popular building materials around. They are sturdy, long-lasting, and gorgeous. With a seemingly endless variety of colors and textures, they can beautify your space indoors and out.

Select Painting can tackle all of your painting projects, so you don’t need to. As the weather warms up, exterior painting […]

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Popular Exterior Painting Trends

The exterior of your home is the first thing that people see, from the street or as they approach your front door. Whether you’re looking to put your home on the market or to stay put for years, paying attention to your home’s exterior paint is essential.

Spring and summer are a great time to […]

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What to Look for in a Painter

If you are looking for a way to give your home a complete transformation, painting it can be the perfect choice. Whether you’re thinking of painting the exterior of your house, or even a room or two inside, you’ll love the difference new paint can make.

Like many homeowners, home maintenance is a priority. You […]

How to Paint a Door or Trim that Pops!

When most people think of interior painting, they think about walls and rollers. Painting your interior walls is a ubiquitous DIY home project to update a room or give your new home more style. The other part of interior painting is done less often and is more difficult as a DIY: painting your doors and […]

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How to Prep for Exterior House Paint

We are coming up on that time of year. The time when all the outdoor projects that have been on hold throughout the winter months are about to commence. Homeowners have been planning and preparing for all sorts of jobs around the house. Everything from gardening to painting to minor repairs is on the list.

If […]

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Best Exterior Paint for Your House

The exterior of your home takes a beating, especially here in Minnesota. While your home’s exterior protects you from the elements, it gets the brunt of the rain, snow, sleet, hail, wind, ice, and freezing temperatures. Then come summer, it’s fending off the sun, heat, and thunderstorms.

Over time, your home’s exterior finish will show the […]

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Tips on Staining a Deck

Are you looking to give your deck a makeover this spring? Staining a deck is a fantastic way to refresh and revitalize your existing decking, and also a necessary step in preserving its quality. Staining a deck is essential for protecting the wood from the elements and preventing rot, as well as keeping the appearance […]

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