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20 03, 2020

Why You Should Paint Your Home This Spring


The new year means fresh goals in every aspect of your life. One goal can certainly include making your home look great. As the temperatures rise, it is the perfect exterior paint weather. As the saying goes, “out with the old, in with the new”. If you look good, you feel good. Looking good can refer to brand new shoes, a slick haircut, and even some renovations on your home. The winter months can be brutal to everything, including your house. If you notice your paint is fading or cracking, you should consider painting your residence.  Trees in the winter are bare and eventually bloom in the spring. With foliage temporarily out of the way, this is a great time

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16 12, 2019

Top Tips For Painting Shutters


If your windows are the eyes of your home, your shutters are the eyelashes. Beyond their aesthetic value, shutters are practical, as well. They provide security, protection from the weather, and the prevention of discoloration from the sun.  Most homeowners would agree, though, that the primary purpose of shutters is the decorative attributes. The right shade of shutter will improve the exterior appearance of your home, and likely even increase its resale value.  If you are thinking that your home needs a facelift, you should think about painting your shutters. You would be surprised by how much a couple of coats of new paint can completely change the exterior look of your home.  For all your home painting needs, your

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18 10, 2019

Paint Spills Happen…How to Avoid and Deal With Them


It is unavoidable not to drop spots and spills of paint when painting. It can be that you accidentally spill a drop off your brush or accidentally splash the bucket. Kids might be doing their art homework on the living room table and their paint spills on the carpet. Or you have an accident on a ladder and drop paint.  Paint spills happen, you can’t avoid them. If there are spills and spots on your carpet or surfaces, don't panic. Here are some cleaning tips that you should always remember. Call Select Painting for all of your painting needs and with a free estimate, you have nothing to lose. What Is The Main Rule? The main rule when it comes

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28 08, 2019

How to Make Your Deck Pop


Your deck becomes a magnet for good times in the summer. There is no better place to be than hanging out in your own private space, grilling, and hearing the laughter of friends and family. Your deck becomes a source of pride. As a part of your home, it can make or break your home's reputation as the hangout place. And therefore, if it is not maintained, it can quickly go from being the hangout spot to being a desolate place.  Finding out how to make your deck “pop” this summer is the key. By changing your deck stain colors and keeping it looking updated, you can get unlimited hours of summer fun.  Select Painting can help with all of

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18 07, 2019

Save Money by Painting Your Vinyl Siding


Has your vinyl siding seen better days? Does it look dull and tired? Why not save some money by painting your vinyl siding? Painting vinyl siding is a cost-effective alternative to installing new siding. If you are ready for your home to have an updated look but want to avoid the price tag of all new vinyl siding, consider giving your current siding a facelift. A new paint job can do wonders for the look and feel of your home. If you are not sure where to begin and need some advice, give us a call at Select Painting. Our friendly, knowledgeable, and courteous staff would be more than happy to tackle the job or point you in the right

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12 06, 2019

Tips for Using Paint Sprayers at Home


You’ve been thinking about that painting project all spring, and it is finally time to jump in. The question is: what tool is best for this job? Paint sprayers promise fast results and great coverage. And we have to add - they are fun to use. But they are powerful, can be little bit intimidating, and they are not the way to go for every paint job. If you are not sure what the best method would be, give us a call at Select Painting. We are experts at knowing the right tool for the job, however big or small it may be. And we can give you a free estimate if you are considering handing the job over to

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29 05, 2019

5 Exterior Painting Mistakes to Avoid


With warmer weather finally approaching, a homeowner’s heart may turn toward...painting! After a cold and dreary winter, it feels good to get outside and enjoy some sunshine. And if you find yourself looking at the exterior of your house and envisioning a fresh coat of paint, this is the perfect time to plan that project. Select Painting is proud to serve our South Dakota community by helping home and business owners beautify their properties. When you are ready to get the ball rolling on your exterior paint project, we will be glad to be on the job for you. If you are an avid DIY homeowner and would like to tackle this on your own, there are some key things

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15 05, 2019

4 Tips to Budget for Your House Painting Project


Maintaining your home’s exterior is an essential part of home ownership. From keeping your yard looking fantastic to ensuring your home’s exterior is looking its best, you take pride in your home. Your home is an investment. When it comes to increasing your home’s value, choosing to upgrade your home can go a long way. Home improvement projects can not only give you a more significant return on your investment but can make your home more enjoyable and comfortable. Whether you’re considering an addition, a remodel, or new landscaping, DIY projects can be time-consuming and sometimes expensive. If you are looking to upgrade your home’s appearance, a fresh coat of paint is a perfect way to give your home a

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7 05, 2019

Help! How Much Exterior Paint Do I Need To Buy?


After sifting through countless paint swatches, flipping the pages of home design magazines, and watching HGTV unceasingly, you have finally decided on a color scheme for your home’s exterior. You might be asking yourself, “how much paint do I need?” You will need to estimate how much paint you will need to purchase while avoiding the risk of running out. If you are not sure you want to tackle an exterior paint job yourself, call Select Painting today. We have the experience you need when it comes to taking care of your home. If you want to tackle the job yourself, here are some things to consider when calculating how much paint you will need to buy. Your Home’s Square

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25 04, 2019

Exterior House Colors To Sell Your Home Fast


It’s time to sell your home, and you’re looking for a quick and painless way to maximize your home’s value. There are two words you should first focus on: curb appeal. And one of the best ways to increase curb appeal is to update exterior house colors.   Any realtor will agree that a home’s exterior is a vital part in urging a potential buyer to “take the plunge.” A fresh coat of paint will welcome shoppers and help them visualize their lives in their new neighborhood. If your goal is to update and sell fast, having your house painted is the most time efficient way to add instant value to your home—especially if you choose a strategic color palette.

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