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18 02, 2020

Get Your House Summer Ready


The winter months here in Sioux Falls seem to last forever. Alas, there is an end to the winter, and we are ready to welcome the summer. It is time to spend more time outdoors and enjoy the fresh air and all the outdoor activities that the area has to offer.  In the summer, the idea is to spend time outside and soaking up the sun and beautiful weather that South Dakota has to offer. Here at Select Painting, we have provided some tips for getting your house summer ready for this season.  If you have any questions about getting your home summer ready, call Select Painting today for a free estimate.  Step 1: Time to power wash The first

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29 11, 2019

The Dreaded Popcorn Ceiling Removal Made Easy


Trends and fads come and go. Be it fashion or home design; some trends are better off dead. One such trend, popular the country over only a few short decades ago, is the dreaded popcorn ceiling.  For those homeowners who are plagued by this unfortunate design choice, the only thing worse than these ceilings is the thought of popcorn ceiling removal.  If you are trying to figure out the best way to rid yourself and your home of these pesky popcorn ceilings, just follow these few simple rules. This guide will make your popcorn ceiling removal a breeze.  For all your home improvement needs, call the friendly professionals at Select Painting. For popcorn ceiling removal or any of your other

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19 11, 2019

How To Get The Most Bang, Or Paint, For Your Buck


Redecoration can be an exciting time, allowing you to transform the look and feel of your entire home. It can also be expensive, however, especially if your project involves repainting and freshening up the space. The good news is that there are plenty of insider tips and tricks available, which can help you to get the most paint for your money and allow your budget to stretch further than you ever thought possible. If you want tips to paint and save money, look no further. Here at Select Painting, we focus on providing a comprehensive, reliable painting service, which can leave your house transformed in no time - and for a super reasonable cost. Paint is our passion, so we

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23 09, 2019

How To Clean Your Walls For The Perfect Paint Job


Considering how many walls you have in your home, you must understand how to clean them properly. If you are trying to save yourself some time, a professional job is something to consider.  At Select Painting, we don’t just have ten years of experience with painting projects; we also know how to clean your walls correctly, and we offer a free estimate.  So what are the things that you need to consider when preparing for that perfect paint job? Clean Off the Dust No matter what finish they have, walls accumulate more dust and particles than you may realize. You will need to remove it before you begin your painting project. Here’s what you need to do; Takedown all your

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9 07, 2019

Paint Over Wallpaper in 5 Easy Steps


Grandma’s wallpaper is an unappealing and unwanted style these days. Many have tried and failed to accomplish a shortcut method of painting over wallpaper. Cringing at your walls can be avoided with these five steps and extra elbow grease. Select Painting can get your home painted without the hassle of prep and cleanup; not to mention the daunting responsibility of actually painting. For anyone who has taken the responsibility of painting just a room, the realization of the amount of work comes after it’s too late. If the job ends up being too much, give Select Painting a call for a quote and put your mind at ease with their variety of services.  We are not all in a financial

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21 06, 2019

Forget the Repaint, Touch Up Tips


If you’re a homeowner, you know that your once pristine painted walls can become a surface of dings, divots, and scratches over time -- especially if you have kids and pets. These scars of everyday use can be most impressive around your entryways, kitchen and on your entry doors and trim. When you’ve got blemishes that you can’t magically erase, you may be thinking that it’s time to repaint your walls or trim. But before you get out the drop cloths or call in a professional for a half-day job, you might be able to do a touch-up. At Select Painting, we know that paint touch-ups can be tricky, but they are also useful as a stop-gap measure to keep

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25 04, 2019

Exterior House Colors To Sell Your Home Fast


It’s time to sell your home, and you’re looking for a quick and painless way to maximize your home’s value. There are two words you should first focus on: curb appeal. And one of the best ways to increase curb appeal is to update exterior house colors.   Any realtor will agree that a home’s exterior is a vital part in urging a potential buyer to “take the plunge.” A fresh coat of paint will welcome shoppers and help them visualize their lives in their new neighborhood. If your goal is to update and sell fast, having your house painted is the most time efficient way to add instant value to your home—especially if you choose a strategic color palette.

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6 02, 2019

Tips on Staining a Deck


Are you looking to give your deck a makeover this spring? Staining a deck is a fantastic way to refresh and revitalize your existing decking, and also a necessary step in preserving its quality. Staining a deck is essential for protecting the wood from the elements and preventing rot, as well as keeping the appearance of your deck in top condition. If you enjoy sitting on your deck enjoying your family and friends, or relaxing and taking in the view, maintaining it will ensure you get plenty of use out of it and enjoy it for years to come. Like all other areas of your home, your deck also requires periodic care and maintenance. Most wood decks require staining every

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29 01, 2019

How Changing Your Kitchen Paint Colors Can Make Your Kitchen Sizzle


Your kitchen is the focal point of your home and also a gathering place for the family. Whether preparing meals together or just spending time with one another, the kitchen is typically a warm and inviting place within your home. Your decor and color scheme can and should reflect those sentiments. If you are wondering how you can update your kitchen without a complete remodel, you can easily transform your kitchen’s style with a simple paint color change. Painting your kitchen a new color can give you the look you want without having to change anything else. New paint can bring a whole new look and feel to your kitchen. You might be looking to spruce up your kitchen with

How Changing Your Kitchen Paint Colors Can Make Your Kitchen Sizzle2020-10-03T18:10:52+00:00
31 12, 2018

Pros and Cons of Garage Floor Epoxy


Your garage is for your car, right? Maybe you use it to store your holiday decorations the rest of the year when they aren’t in use. Or perhaps your garage is a gym. Whatever you use your garage floor, you may have thought about epoxying it. But what are the benefits of applying epoxy to your garage floor? Are there any drawbacks? What would be the purpose of epoxying your garage floor? Check out the reasons we have compiled for and against applying epoxy to the floor of your garage, plus some tips on how to do it! If you have any questions, contact Select Painting - we can help you out. Pros of Epoxying Your Garage Floor If you

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