When it comes to redecorating your home, it is no surprise that many of us are apprehensive, and would instead prefer to leave the job to the professionals. The steps include proper prep to the actual act of painting, and making sure that all finishes are to the required standard. There is a lot of work involved in getting your paint job just right.

If you are in the stage of planning to paint your home exterior, then the chances are that you have already had the DIY vs. professional paint job chat. This debate could have left you feeling more confused than ever! 

At Select Painting, we understand the feeling of confusion between DIY and hiring a professional. We have years of experience and have been voted the #1 best painting contractor in Sioux Falls. Contact us today for an estimate. To help you out, we have a handy guide to both sides of the debate; read on to solve your painting woes!

What To Consider When Painting Your Home

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Before you decide whether to hire the pros or go it alone for an exterior job, there are a few factors to consider when you are painting your home. These include:


To get a professional finish on a DIY budget, you will need to ensure that you are investing in the best and correct equipment. For an exterior paint job, you will need the following as a minimum:

  • Paintbrushes of various sizes, depending on the products you plan to use.
  • A sprayer if preferred
  • Pressure washer to ensure that you can prepare the surface properly
  • Ladders if you are attempting to paint tall walls and trims
  • Buckets
  • Tarps or drop cloths to reduce pain spill and mess
  • Painters tape for clean, sharp lines
  • Caulk
  • Sandpaper for proper prep
  • The appropriate cleaner for the state of the surface and the product you are using
  • Paint
  • Putty knife

Depending on the size, condition, and location of your home, this list may just be a minimum. If you are already a keen DIY fan or have previously treated exteriors in your home, you may have some of these tools already available, saving you money.

For most of us, however, it is not cost-effective to purchase all of these tools, when the chances are that you will only use each once, or else very rarely. There is a risk that you will invest large sums in the appropriate equipment, only to have it sit in the shed or garage for years afterward. In this case, it may work out to be a more budget-friendly solution to hire a professional who will have the tools you need already in their inventory.

In addition, professionals can often purchase tools and paint at trade prices, and this can reduce the overall cost of the job, allowing you to save by hiring an expert. 


Time is another major consideration. Getting the finish just right is essential in any paint job, but especially when you are working on the exterior of your home. The results will be instantly evident to any neighbors and passers-by!

In some cases, you may have plenty of time. This can be a great project if you have no restrictions on how many times you can touch up the paint or the time you can take, DIY may be your preferred option. 

Generally, however, a professional will be able to do a better job in half the time. This is what they do for a living, and so will be used to working as quickly and effectively as possible. Also, a professional painters’ reputation is at stake, and so it is in their very best interest to do a great job quickly and professionally!

Size of your home

The size of your home may also be a major consideration in your decision, especially if your planned project will take you high off the ground to tackle roofs, trims, and the tops of walls. Fear of heights is a common one, and many may just feel that they lack the confidence, skills, and experience to do a great job when so far from firm solid ground!

Again, this can vary depending on your personal confidence, skills, and abilities, but as a general rule, hiring a pro will give you peace of mind and allow you to stay on a level and elevation which helps you to feel far more comfortable!

A larger house may also mean that more complicated equipment, such as sprayers and longer brush poles, are more suitable. Again, there are issues around cost and the practicality of acquiring such items for a one-off project.

Quality craftsmanship

In addition to the other benefits we have mentioned, hiring a professional for your paint job is likely going to result in a higher quality finish, simply because these guys are the experts! Painting may seem like a simple job that anyone can tackle, but it does require a fair amount of skill and technical ability, especially to be done well – a bad paint job can be spotted from a mile off!

In addition to the actual painting, there are a host of other essentials, such as prep and finish, which also need to be achieved to a high standard to insure great final results. Pros can get this done in a single visit, with no fuss and great results!

It is best to be totally honest with yourself about your skills and abilities. If you are confident and happy, then, by all means, go ahead and give it a go! In most cases, however, most of us can admit that our talents lie in another field. Recognizing this from the outset means that you can enjoy a great job the first time, without the risk of messing up the job and having to call in an expert to tidy up.

Call In The Pros

If you decide that getting an expert touch is the best decision, give us a call. Here at Select Painting, we can help you with through every stage of your transformation, from a comprehensive quote to a top-quality, professional job. Head over for a free estimate today, and take the stress out of your redecoration, by letting us take over!