Are you making a significant color change in your home? Painting your home, whether inside or out, is one of the most transformative home improvement projects. A brightly colored accent wall or a delicate clean trim can completely change the aesthetic of your home and have your guests wowing as they walk in the door. 

You may think that choosing the color is the hardest part, but in reality, that is only the first step. Choosing the sheen, or paint finishes, can truly make or break your entire remodel. 

Some finishes are more durable than others. Some are well-suited to kitchens and bathrooms that need regular scrubbing. Some are perfect for bold living-room and bedroom walls. 

Let this be your guide to choosing the perfect paint finish for your unique project. When you’re ready to get the job done professionally and beautifully, our team of experts at Select Painting can help. Our experienced painters offer excellent service, quality craft, and reliability. When it comes to painting your home, we take care of every step, from the prep-work to the clean-up

Like Oil & Water

The first step in selecting your paint is to decide between an oil or water base. While water-based wall paint is used more commonly these days, there are advantages and disadvantages to consider for both. 

Water-based paints are easier to use, quick-drying, and you can use them on almost all surfaces. If you have previously coated your surface with oil-based paint, be careful when using a water-based paint as it may have trouble adhering. In this scenario, you should wash the surface and rough it over with a medium to smooth grit sandpaper to make it clean, dry, and worn down to prevent peeling from the new coat. 

In addition to ease of use, water-based paints also have the following advantages: 

  • No need for a pre-treatment
  • No mildew growth
  • Low levels of toxic emissions (VOC’s)
  • Can be cleaned easily with water
  • Quick-drying
  • Crack-resistant 
  • Versatile 
  • Fade-resistant providing a stable color 

While oil-based paints are less common nowadays, some people will still choose them for specific projects if they care most about high durability and a luxurious finish. 

On the other hand, you must be cautious using oil-based paints because they emit strong fumes that can be overwhelming. Besides, the paint cannot be washed with water so you must be willing to clean with solvents like turpentine. 

Advantages to using oil-based paints include

  • Durable, hardened finish
  • Glossy and beautiful finish 
  • Longer drying time which makes for easy fixes
  • Brushstrokes fill themselves in to create a level finish 
  • Suitable for high-moisture rooms like bathrooms and kitchens

Choosing the Right Paint Finish for You

Now you have your color, and you’ve determined whether you want to use an oil or water base. Next stop: choosing your finish! 

Keep in mind the golden rule of paint finishes: the higher the sheen, the higher the shine. And the higher the shine, the more durable the paint job will be. 

High gloss paint is 100% shine, and flat paint has no shine whatsoever. In between, you can find a spectrum of shine from eggshell, satin, and semi-gloss. Each has its benefits and drawbacks. 


High-gloss paint is the most durable and easiest to clean of all the paint sheens. It is hard, very shiny, and reflects light. It is as tough as appliance paint and is an excellent choice for any area that is often touched. Think cabinets, trim, and doors. 

However, high-gloss is too shiny for interior walls. With such shine comes an ability to show all bumps and flaws, so please be sure to do the prep work and paint carefully. Or let the experts at Select Painting do it entirely for you!


Semi-gloss finishes are perfect for rooms that might have an excess of moisture, drips, or grease stains. It is also ideal for trim work. It is an excellent choice for anywhere in your home that takes a lot of abuse. 

Use semi-gloss for kitchens, bathrooms, trims, and chair rails. This highly durable finish and pretty shine will have your house feeling fresh. 


People love the lovely luster that satin finishes provide. They are easy to clean and durable for areas that get touched often like living rooms, foyers, hallways, and bedrooms. 

The downside is that the application can be tricky. Satin finishes tend to show every brush and roller strokes. Be very careful about applying and touching up! 


An eggshell finish inhabits an excellent middle ground between satin and flat finishes. It has a no-shine finish with just a tad of luster, like a chicken’s egg. 

Because it is not as durable as glossier finishes, eggshell is the perfect finish for rooms that don’t have high traffic like dining and living rooms. 

Flat or Matte 

Last but not least we have our least shiny option, flat or matte finishes. This finish does not reflect light but instead soaks it up. This finish is perfect for walls that already have imperfections because the paint tends to hide the flaws. 

Because it is the least durable of all the finishes, a flat finish is best for walls that will not be roughed up by kids. It has the most pigment and will provide the most coverage, but is difficult to clean. Use on interior rooms and adults’ bedrooms. 

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