When it comes to home decor, farmhouse paint colors are trendy right now, and for good reason. Farmhouse style is having a moment, but it has a timeless quality that will last for years to come. If you’ve ever seen “Fixer Upper,” you know what “farmhouse” means: rustic and clean simplicity, with a neutral palette. 

If you are thinking about a farmhouse theme for your home, the paint color will be a make-or-break feature. Farmhouse paint colors are natural without being boring, and complement the other accent colors in a room. You should research the possibilities when it comes to the wall color, trim paint options, and working with existing pieces. 

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Begin at the Beginning

This tip may sound simple, but take a look at your space before you begin painting. Ask yourself what characteristics define the room or area. For example, if there are windows that let in a lot of natural light, you can use a darker shade.

For a room that gets less light on its own, a lighter color is usually the way to go. If you have a color you love that is too dark for your space, don’t worry! Consider asking a paint professional to lighten the paint shade by a certain percentage.

Think about the room’s existing contents. Painting a room is a makeover in itself. You need not necessarily run out and buy all new furniture if you select the right farmhouse paint color.

If you want to paint the trim as well, you will need to look at complementary farmhouse paint colors. This part seems simple, but a well-chosen shade can make the room sparkle.

Take Your Time

Once you’ve surveyed the room, area, or space you’d like to paint, you may be tempted to begin right away. But you should proceed with caution. You will save time and money on the back end if you do things right the first time.

Neutrals can be surprisingly complicated. A shade of grey or beige can appear differently, depending on whether it’s in your bathroom or your mudroom. You want to be entirely sure the shade you select will show up as you envisioned before you begin work.

Get some paint samples of the farmhouse paint color shades you are considering. Hold them up to your furniture in different lights to see how they contrast. Warning: this part may become a little stressful if it creates further indecision.

Undertones: Literally Fifty Shades of Grey

What makes farmhouse paint colors so tricky is the wide variety of neutrals. Neutral colors can have other color hints that show up depending on the light and surrounding objects. These color hints are called undertones, and they’re what make farmhouse paint colors fun, but also a challenge.

To determine a farmhouse paint color’s undertones, compare it to other shades of the same color. Undertones are another reason you will want to get a bunch of different paint swatches before you begin painting. Arrange them together from darkest to lightest.

Put Your Color to the Test

Once you have compared the undertones of color, you have one more step before you can begin painting. You should see what a couple of coats of the color will look like in the space you are decorating. 

Determine a few different shades of a farmhouse paint color you would like to use. You can paint the different shades directly onto the wall to see how they will look. You can also use large (i.e., poster-sized) samples of the color candidates and move them around the room.

This second method allows you to see how the color will catch the light in different parts of the room. You can see how the farmhouse paint color works with the existing furniture and the room’s contents.

Getting to Work

When all the preparation work is complete, it is time to paint your space with your chosen farmhouse paint colors. You can go the DIY route and do your painting. You could also choose to save time and hassle and bring in a professional. The experienced professionals at Select Painting can help

Select Painting offers interior painting services, beginning with a color consultation. If you have specific questions about farmhouse paint colors for your home, Select Painting can advise and make recommendations.

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Why Stop There?

After you have the farmhouse chic space of your dreams, you may start to think about your home exterior. An inviting interior space deserves an equally visually pleasing outside. 

Select Painting does a lot more than home interiors. We also do home exteriors, commercial painting, and deck staining. 

Although rusticity is a vital component of the farmhouse decorating style, you want to avoid a shabby deck. Decks are susceptible to weather damage, which is why we prepare for staining by power washing decks to remove grey wood.

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Select Painting Can Help with your Farmhouse Paint Color Goals

Because of the neutral nature of many farmhouse paint colors, you may feel overwhelmed at making a decision. Select Painting understands interior painting trends, and their professionals are prepared to answer your questions. If you are not sure which shade of beige works best with your furniture, a Select Painting pro can help.

The right farmhouse paint color can brighten any room. Because practical elegance is the calling card of farmhouse style, it is a simple way to makeover a space. Simplicity does not always mean easy, however.

Let Select Painting take the guesswork out of the process of choosing farmhouse paint colors for your home. If you are planning a deck overhaul, we can assist you there, too. Once you contact us, Select Painting provides free estimates within seven days. 

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