The winter months here in Sioux Falls seem to last forever. Alas, there is an end to the winter, and we are ready to welcome the summer. It is time to spend more time outdoors and enjoy the fresh air and all the outdoor activities that the area has to offer. 

In the summer, the idea is to spend time outside and soaking up the sun and beautiful weather that South Dakota has to offer. Here at Select Painting, we have provided some tips for getting your house summer ready for this season. 

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Step 1: Time to power wash

The first step to getting your home summer ready is to power wash the outside of your home. Power washing will clean all of the leftover grime from the fall and winter. Power washing an essential step in the summer care of your home. You can not begin the painting process until all 

 You will be surprised by how much a quick power wash can brighten up the look of your home. 

In addition to power washing the exterior of your home, you can also take some time to power wash any deck or fencing. Power washing will help you get ready for all of your bonfire nights, BBQs, and gatherings. 

The driveway is also a great area to power wash. Power washing your driveway can prevent the growth of weeds in cracks in the asphalt. You can also remove any unwanted dirt and debris from the driveway. 

Whenever you do decide to power wash any area of your home, be sure to take safety measures. The water comes out of the nozzle at a very high speed and with great pressure, hence the name. Ensure you only power wash areas that can handle the force and you avoid people and animals.

Step 2: Evaluate Fencing and Deck

After a good power wash, if your fencing and deck are not looking up to standards, you can contact Select Painting. Not only are we famous for our painting capabilities. While evaluating your deck, this also a great time to check for any loose nails in your decking and hammer them back into place. 

We can also sand and stain your deck and your fencing to have it looking pristine for all of your outdoor BBQs and summer gatherings. Your friends and neighbors will be in awe of your newly stained deck and fenced back yard. 

Step 3: Find any peeling paint, chips, or cracks; sand then repaint

Painting over any peeling paint will not solve the problem. The cracks will, over time, begin to resurface. The changes in temperatures and cold weather causes ice to expand and retract, ultimately creating damage to the paint. At Select Painting, we are here to handle your painting needs.

We will scrape and sand over any peeling or cracking paint to ensure that the finish is smooth and matches the rest of the exterior. Are you worried about getting an exact color match? Our experts can match your exterior colors exactly. 

Step 4: Clean out Gutters

Once all the snow and ice melt away, this is the perfect time to check your rain gutters and clean out any excess leaves or debris that will cause a problem during the springtime (rainy season). 

Check to see if there are any leaks, cracks, or breaks in your gutter system. Ensuring that your gutter system is in full working order can protect your roof from any potential damage down the line. 

Gutters that are full of debris can cause water to back up onto your roof. This backed up water can create leaks in your roof, causing damage and potentially costing a lot of money.

Step 5: Check for Damage to Trim

Weather conditions can cause the paint on your trim to peel and crack as well. Trim can also warm during a winter, where there has been a lot of freezing and thawing. Damaged or peeling trim is not doing your home’s exterior any justice. 

While you are checking your trim for damage, consider painting your trim a new color. Painting trim is a fantastic way to give your home a new look without repainting the entire home. We have tips for painting your trim here.

Select Painting can come in and repair, scrape, sand, and paint your trim. This can be a great time to add a new pop of color for added curb appeal. 

Step 6: Check Your Windows

Take a look at your windows to see if they need any caulking or sealing. The weather seals can become worn over time. Caulk the outside of the windows to ensure that they are all sealed well. Water is able to seep in through holes in the caulking. 

 Ensuring that the weather seal on your windows is in excellent shape can also prevent any unwanted drafts inside the house. Once done checking the seals on the windows, it is time to wash them. You can wash all of the dirt and dust from the windows and around the seals. 

To maintain the idea of aesthetics and functionality, it is a good idea to wash any dirty window screens and replace or repair any broken ones. It’s nice to enjoy that cool summer breeze without the risk of any unwanted pests entering the home.

Getting your home summer-ready can seem like quite a task. Select Painting is here to help with any and all of your painting needs. If you are looking to repaint your trim or your whole house, we have you covered. You can call today to receive a free estimate.