Your kitchen is the focal point of your home and also a gathering place for the family. Whether preparing meals together or just spending time with one another, the kitchen is typically a warm and inviting place within your home. Your decor and color scheme can and should reflect those sentiments.

If you are wondering how you can update your kitchen without a complete remodel, you can easily transform your kitchen’s style with a simple paint color change. Painting your kitchen a new color can give you the look you want without having to change anything else. New paint can bring a whole new look and feel to your kitchen.

You might be looking to spruce up your kitchen with a new color scheme or try something new and replace the bare, white walls. Whatever the reason, kitchen paint colors set the tone and create a stylish look in your home.

When you are ready to move forward with new color in your kitchen, the professionals with Select Painting can help you with a color consultation to assist you in deciding what color will work best in your home. If you are unsure what the current trends are, or how a color will look in your home, Select Painting can advise you with their expertise.

Kitchen Colors that Fit Your Style and Vision

The possibilities are endless when it comes to selecting kitchen paint colors. Whether you are looking to paint the entire kitchen, only an accent wall, or just your cabinets to add a pop of color, there are lots of color choices available to update your kitchen and show your style. If you need some creative inspiration when it comes to selecting a paint color for your kitchen, these ideas can help start your planning process.

Gray With White

Do you have a style that’s simple yet modern and clean looking? If this describes your vision for your kitchen, then grey paint with white accents is a fabulous way to achieve that look. Soft gray is a calming color that will add peace and tranquility to your kitchen as well as bring a modern look to your home.

Sea Blue

If you are looking for a neutral color but want something other than gray or white, a sea blue is the perfect way to dress up your kitchen without getting too wild. The color is just enough to stand out beautifully, while still maintaining a neutral theme that will easily coordinate with kitchen accessories and cabinet colors. Sea blue is also a calming color and will create a relaxing and soothing space.

Sunshine Yellow

Want to brighten up your kitchen in a bold way? Yellow is a beautiful way to let the sunshine in and create a happy, bright space. Yellow can also make your kitchen appear bigger, and create a joyful mood for your household members.

Yellow also looks great with white or gray, making it a versatile and gorgeous option for your home. Keep your kitchen upbeat and fun with sunshine yellow.

Shades of Green

Green is a color that encompasses a variety of shades, including mint green, emerald green, kelly green, sage green, and more. Green looks great with white or even wood accents. Green also makes the kitchen a warm and happy place.

Depending on what shade you choose, green can serve as either a neutral tone or a bold statement. Whichever you go with, green is sure to liven up your kitchen and give it a bright makeover.


Shades of blue are a great touch for your kitchen, but specifically navy blue can give it a classic and stand-out look. Navy looks fantastic with white cabinets and brass hardware. Navy adds color to your kitchen without being too risky and gives off a sophisticated but fun vibe.


Are you not brave enough to go with a green kitchen, but blue isn’t quite your style either? Compromise and meet in the middle with teal. Using teal as your kitchen’s main color can open up options for green or blue accents, allowing you to tie several colors together for a cohesive and colorful look.


Red is a popular choice because of its versatility and many shades that provide different options. Red is bold, yet classic and elegant, and creates a warm feel to your kitchen. Whether as a cabinet color or wall color, red makes a powerful statement and will quickly make your kitchen the focal point of your home.


Perhaps you are not looking to paint your walls a bold or bright color, but instead are looking for a clean, minimalistic look that will brighten your kitchen and make it look bigger. White can be a classic and modern choice, creating an open and bright space that will look great with wood or white cabinetry.

Choosing the Right Colors For Your Kitchen

Choosing the right color for your kitchen can prove difficult or overwhelming, especially if you are unsure of current trends, or how the color will tie into other areas of your home. Fortunately, Select Painting, along with our partners at Omorfia, is available to advise you on the right kitchen paint colors to fit your style and vision. With experience and expertise, we can help you achieve the kitchen of your dreams.

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