Anyone who has ever watched HGTV can tell you that curb appeal is essential. We devote countless hours to home design shows, deciphering what home is welcoming and alluring, and what home is, well, not.

Exterior paint colors and landscape are the introductions between you and the outside world. You want to make sure you are giving off a good vibe and portraying yourself in a good light.  Selling a house or just giving your home a new fresh look hinges on making the right choices to make the home stand out in that perfect way.

Truth be told, making the right changes to a home can be more complicated than it looks. Joanna Gaines makes it look so easy, but in reality, things like choosing exterior paint colors can be stressful. Let me emphasize the word CAN. Just because it CAN be daunting, doesn’t mean it HAS TO BE.

Though there are different factors at play (style of the home, color scheme, local weather, and environment, etc.) if you do some research, or ask for professional help, you will be overjoyed with your results. Select Painting has the experience to ensure your house is painted well and will last.

What’s your style?

The first thing to reflect on is what style home you have. Your style of home informs what color scheme would look the most flattering and have the most significant effect. Of course, you can paint the exterior of your home whatever color you want, but the fact of the matter is that certain colors go better with certain styles and environments.

If your house has the clean lines of a mid-century modern home, then bright yellows, greens, and blues are colors you are going to want to take a look at. Adding in some neutral tones for accents will give your home a contemporary style.

If you live in the South or on the Southern coast (or have a house that looks like it belongs in Florida), then the color scheme that people of that region go with are light blues, light yellows, and ivory shades. Any color that looks “sun-kissed” is perfect for southern homes like colonials to a beachfront hideaway. Colors that reflect the beach “lifestyle,” like green, blues, aqua, etc. are also a go-to.

States like Arizona and New Mexico are known for their distinctive “Southwest” style. If you are looking to spruce up your home in this region, going with bright colors, like say a Victorian style, would not be your best best. For these types of homes, the best color schemes are warm, earth tones with fresh green or grey accents.

Craftsman bungalows have a bit more diversity when it comes to exterior paint colors. You can go with dark green and blues with a light accent sprinkled throughout the outside. Greys are becoming very popular on craftsman as well and add some modernity to them.

If you have a Victorian-style home, then bright colors will become your best friend. Victorian houses can even pull off shades of purple! Colors that will show off all of the ornate detailing on your home is vital.

Colors. So. Many. Colors

You know that feeling when you have been on Netflix for a long time and can’t seem to find a movie to watch even though there are a million from which to choose? Yeah, that’s how many people feel after visiting any paint department section. There are so many different color schemes, shades, and variants to choose from for your home.

Instead of becoming paralyzed by all the choices, do some research as to what houses look like in your community. Is there a neighborhood that you love that has similar home styles, drive through there and see what color schemes they use. Get inspiration from your surroundings.

Go online and find pictures of homes that are similar to yours. Take those pictures with you when you go buy paint. Professionals there would be more than happy to help you.

Accents around the home

Not only are trim and wall color important, but accents around the exterior can make your home look more refined, polished, well-rounded and overall more welcoming.

You can vary the shades of color when it comes to accents like window shutters. Say you are painting your home a light shade of grey, maybe consider a dark grey for the window shutters. It is enough of a contrast to stand out but won’t leave you with such a disparity in colors that you feel like you splattered the rainbow on your home.

A pop of color on the door is also an often used technique that allows you to add some depth to your home. You can start by picking the trim and wall colors first and then trying to find a different and fun color to splash onto your wall. An example would be a red door. Red doors look amazing on grey or ivory homes. Not only does it add depth but it also signals to visitors where to enter the home.

Select Painting can help!

Now that you have done some research and are raring to go, why not call the professionals at Select Painting to do the actual painting for you? At Select Painting, we know how big of a task it is to undertake, and we offer excellent service and peace of mind.

With over ten years of exterior painting service, you can rest assured that we will provide long-lasting services with a quality finish and attention to detail. Our company offers a wide variety of techniques, from roll and brush to spraying and backbrushing that will suit a wide range of homes.  

We agree with all of the home design shows out there, curb appeal is immensely important, and we want to help the exterior of your home to reach its full potential.

Working in the Sioux Falls area and surrounding cities, we can get you a free exterior painting estimate in 7 days or less! You can look up Select painting online at, or you can call us (605) 728-2598 a representative will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Happy painting!