Redecoration can be an exciting time, allowing you to transform the look and feel of your entire home. It can also be expensive, however, especially if your project involves repainting and freshening up the space.

The good news is that there are plenty of insider tips and tricks available, which can help you to get the most paint for your money and allow your budget to stretch further than you ever thought possible. If you want tips to paint and save money, look no further.

Here at Select Painting, we focus on providing a comprehensive, reliable painting service, which can leave your house transformed in no time – and for a super reasonable cost. Paint is our passion, so we have some tricks to help you make the most of every cent, and enjoy a stunning new home for a more affordable price!

Make a bold statement

Including an accent wall in your design is the perfect way to create a dramatic change without needing to overhaul an entire room. This method works best if the rest of your decor is reasonably neutral, such as cream, grey, or white walls, and if you have a strong point of focus, such as a gorgeous fireplace or stunning window. 

Pick a color that goes with other features such as rugs, cushions or curtains, and make a serious statement with a strong accent wall.

Update your details

Another easy way to redecorate on a budget is to focus on the smaller details, such as window and door frames, trims, and moldings. You can either freshen up by replacing the existing color for a clean and updated look or go for something a little wild with intense contrasting color. 

Whatever you decide, this is an easy way to help your paint go as far as possible, while creating a striking and eye-catching difference to your decor.

Create a base

If you are painting over a particularly intense color, it is a good idea to create a base before going in with the desired end result. An intense color may bleed through and require several coats before a smooth and cohesive result is achieved – this can work out to be very expensive! Instead, start with a base coat of cheap white paint, and this will help create a clean, blank surface on which to add your desired final color. 

Pick your tools

Choosing the right tools has a significant impact on the end quality of your paintwork, and can play a significant role in helping you get more paint for your money. A roller allows the color to be distributed more evenly than a paintbrush and can cover a larger surface area with less paint. 

For best results, spritz your roller with a little water before you paint – this helps to reduce the chance of fluff sticking to the walls, and also helps to increase paint absorption, allowing it to go further.

Make the most of prep

Proper preparation is an essential part of the painting and can help you to make the most of every drop. Walls should be clean and free from dust before you start, and it is a good idea to run a few sheets of sandpaper over the surface; this helps to ensure that the walls are smooth and free from imperfections, and allows the paint to glide on more evenly. 

A thoroughly prepared surface also means paint is less likely to get stuck in cracks and crevices, which can take up valuable resources. Also, ensure you surfaces are cleaned, as this will help the paint go on smoother and last longer.

Pick your product

Paint can be expensive, and there is a temptation to always go for the cheapest possible option. There is a risk, however, that this is a false economy. Using more expensive and higher quality paint can work out far cheaper in the long run, particularly if you have a large surface area to cover. Coverage can be more even and thicker, and this means you actually end up using far less product!

Only paint what you need

Make sure that the area you want to decorate is clearly defined and accessible, and avoid the risk of using extra paint where this is not necessary. Tape off any skirting boards, switches, sockets, and joins to the ceiling, and use a smaller paintbrush to edge these areas, before filling in the main body with a roller. 

Not only does taping allow for a neater finish, but it ensures that you are not wasting paint. 

Paint in daylight

It can be tempting to rush a project and try to get the whole thing done in one day, but this could harm the overall finish. As the light changes, you may become convinced that you need extra coats or additional paint, but this may just be a trick of the shadows. Make sure you make the most of natural light to ensure a smooth, even finish. 

Check the weather

As well as picking the right time of day, you must choose the right climate. Paint is at its best, then the conditions are not too humid, and humidity levels should be between 40% and 70% for the very best results. Make sure that all windows are open to speed up drying, and that the air is neither too moist nor too dry; this will allow the paint to be applied more evenly, and ensure that you get the most paint for your money.

Call in the professionals!

Painting your home can be an exciting endeavor, and every detail must be perfect. With just a few adjustments, you can paint and save money, allowing you to stretch your budget even further, and maybe also carry out much-needed improvements in other areas of the home!

Here at Select Painting, we are dedicated to helping you achieve the very best results. From a total interior overhaul to transforming your deck with fresh staining, we have the tools, skills, and expertise you need to get the very best result. Get in touch today for a free estimate and take the first steps towards a brand new space!