Your deck becomes a magnet for good times in the summer. There is no better place to be than hanging out in your own private space, grilling, and hearing the laughter of friends and family.

Your deck becomes a source of pride. As a part of your home, it can make or break your home’s reputation as the hangout place. And therefore, if it is not maintained, it can quickly go from being the hangout spot to being a desolate place. 

Finding out how to make your deck “pop” this summer is the key. By changing your deck stain colors and keeping it looking updated, you can get unlimited hours of summer fun. 

Select Painting can help with all of your deck needs and offers a variety of ideas to get your deck and outdoor space in tip-top shape. 

Finding Your Style

Before you begin the deck stain process, you want to think about what type of style your home is and what kind of deck would compliment that? Does your home have modern lines and need a modern-looking deck?

If you are looking for more of a traditional and rustic facade, certain deck stain colors can create that look for you. Use the color of your deck to compliment your home. 

Colors Colors Colors

There are surprisingly many colors to choose from when it comes to deck stains. Consider what look and feel you want for your deck when considering colors.

  • Blue: Blue has become the new favorite color for creating a serene look. Stain it onto your deck to give your backyard a fresh, modern vibe. 
  • Taupe: This color is a go-to for many people because it not super dramatic and can pair nicely with just about any color. If you have patio furniture that is red, navy or green, taupe will pair lovely with them.
  • Grey: This color creates a modern and relaxed look for your decking. This color looks great on Cape Cod-style houses or homes that are going for a relaxed beach feel.
  • Natural stains: If you prefer to go with a more natural look, you can find stains at your local hardware store that protect your wood deck while also giving the wood a rich color and making the grain “pop.”
  • Reds: You can find red deck stains that will make your backyard look gorgeous. Stains with a red hue pair well with gardens that have a lot of foliage and greenery, making for an eye-catching contrast. 

Testing the Stains

Now that you know a little about deck stain colors, you can go out and buy a couple of samples that will be a good fit for your home. 

It is crucial to test out different colors before you stain the entire deck. The color on the stain that you buy might look different on the deck than what you expected. You always want to make sure you are happy with the product before you make a drastic change. 

You can test the colors out by staining a smaller square section of deck with one stain and repeating the process in other areas with other samples you may have. Try to stain the square close to the exterior walls of your home so you can see the contrast. 

How Opaque Would You Like It?

Not only can you alter the appearance of your patio or deck with a wood stain, but you can also change it by the opacity. 

Deck stains that are oil or water-based come in four different opacities that allow you the color, style, and deck protection you want.

  • Natural Opacity: This type of stain, also known as “clear,” is typically used on newer decks or those used on expensive woods that have intricate graining. If you really want to show off the grain in the wood, go with a natural opacity.
  • Tinted Opacity: This hue is subtle. It gives the wood a bit of color while still showing the grain from the wood. If you are new to the whole deck staining business and don’t want to make dramatic changes, choose this opacity.
  • Semitransparent Opacity: Many people use this hue on older decks. It still shows a bit of graining but creates a more uniform look throughout the deck because it has more pigmentation. 
  • Solid Opacity: This hue offers the most exceptional protection from sun damage and helps the look of a deck that has been damaged aesthetically. It completely masks the wood grain; however, and gives a bold look. 

The Deck Staining Process

To stain your deck and give it a new life, you will need the following: 

  • Broom
  • Deck stain color
  • Paint pad and pole
  • Paint tray and paintbrush
  • Painters Tape
  • Power washer (optional)

Before you begin to coat the deck with the stain, you have to make sure the deck is entirely devoid of dirt, moss, and other debris. If you have an old deck, try power washing it as it will lift out a lot of stuck-on dirt. If you have a newer deck, a simple sweep should do the trick. 

Next, add painters tape to all exterior walls and areas that come in contact with the deck. You do not want to stain your walls if you get too close when painting. While this step takes some time and patience, it will save your time in the long run. 

After adding the painter’s tape, you can begin painting with your paint pad and pole. Staining the deck this way will protect your back as you will not be hunched over the entire time. 

Select Painting are the Deck Professionals

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