You’ve decided your business needs a facelift, a touch-up, or maybe you’re starting from scratch, and the work can’t wait. Unfortunately, your customers and clients can’t wait, either, so your worksite needs to get commercial painting while open. Hire a painting service that will give your location a professional look that customers and employees alike will appreciate. 

We’re going to provide you with tips to paint your business with minimal disruption to your day-to-day operations.

Do You Need to Stay Open? Can You Stay Open?

The very first step may seem obvious, but consider the question of whether your business should remain open. From the standpoint of profits, perform a cost-benefit analysis to see if staying open is worth the effort.

Once you determine that your business can profit from staying open during the painting process, additional factors come into play.

Find Out What the Law Says

For one thing, your state or industry’s legal regulations may prohibit your location from allowing customers, clients, or patients inside. Work within all extant parameters to create a safe, comfortable work environment for employees, as well as clients or customers.

Look at local, state, and industry health and safety codes to find out what you are allowed to do. Painting work can restrict space and present safety hazards for employees, which may violate labor laws or union codes. Additionally, these problems pose the simple threat of merely annoying your workers by creating a less pleasant work environment. 

Think About Morale

Show employees that their workplace values them by taking their physical safety and comfort into account. Company leadership may want to survey employees. Find out whether the workforce is willing to work in the conditions painting their worksite will create. 

You may want to poll customers and clients as well; ask whether they would patronize your business during painting work. The poll can present different scenarios of commercial painting while open to find what patrons would prefer.

Thoughtfully incorporate the suggestions, recommendations, and feedback provided by customers and employees when you meet with the painting company. Let the contractors know your business’s expectations of a safe and minimally disruptive environment for everyone.

Once the painting company begins its work, establish a feedback mechanism for customers. Make sure clients, customers, and patients know how to notify you about any significant issues created by the painters’ work. Remember, this is a feedback – not complaint – system; ensure customers feel they have a stake in the process.

When Undergoing Commercial Painting While Open, Give Everyone Plenty of Notice

The last thing you want to do as a business is to surprise your customers and clients with disruptive changes. Surveying clients, customers, or patients on their preferences for temporary changes during painting can be a helpful heads up.

Ensure that your employees receive any necessary training to deal with potential safety hazards. When you examine the laws and regulations surrounding commercial painting while open, find out what, if any, training employees need.

Put up eye-catching signs around the office/building/worksite to let everyone know about the upcoming changes. Assure them that your business will try to minimize disruptions, and remind them that the modifications are temporary. Post notifications on your business’s website and social media to let followers know about the painting work. 

Take Advantage of the Marketing Opportunities!

As the modifications to your business progress, your business’s social media followers may enjoy posts and live video updates. A peek “behind-the-scenes” may generate excitement about the changes and bring more foot traffic to the location. Blog posts on your company website are also an excellent way to bring customers in and update them on developments.

If your business has an email list, think about periodic customer emails if there are any landmark updates. Create a section in your business’s newsletter for paint updates. If you don’t already have an email newsletter, the painting project may be an excuse to start one!

Designate Work Zones and Unoccupied Zones

Create work zones for painting your business while remaining open. Move the zones as the painters complete their work in one zone and begin work in the next. Make it clear where work is happening at any given time to avoid any confusion.

Designated work zones protect the painters just as much as they protect your customers and employees. Avoid interruptions, and your contractors are more likely to complete their work promptly.

Depending on the size and layout of your office or building, you may be able to create unoccupied zones. A restricted area that is off-limits to contractors, your employees, and customers may reduce noise, odors, and air quality issues.

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