It is unavoidable not to drop spots and spills of paint when painting. It can be that you accidentally spill a drop off your brush or accidentally splash the bucket. Kids might be doing their art homework on the living room table and their paint spills on the carpet. Or you have an accident on a ladder and drop paint. 

Paint spills happen, you can’t avoid them.

If there are spills and spots on your carpet or surfaces, don’t panic. Here are some cleaning tips that you should always remember. Call Select Painting for all of your painting needs and with a free estimate, you have nothing to lose.

What Is The Main Rule?

The main rule when it comes to spills and spots is that you should clean them up immediately. If you spend too much time procrastinating and these spills occur on your carpet, the spills will be absorbed by the carpet fibers. Set in stains are very difficult to clean. 

No matter what the situation, ideally, you should clean up the spill when it is still fresh. Excellent guides on helping you to remember the essential rules are essential!

How Do You Deal With A Paint Spill When It Happens?

The very first thing you should not do is never rub or wipe a spill with a rag. This will only cause it to spread so that you now have a larger area that you will need to deal with. Instead, blot or scrape the stained area with a clean rag. Make sure that you get most of the spill out of your carpet.

Naturally, you will need to use a cleaning solution to get the remainder of the stain out. Before you use it on the spot or spill itself, test the cleaner in a part of your carpet that is not noticeable. 

Do not use the cleaner if it discolors or damages the test spot. If you are not sure of the cleaning solution to use, call up your local carpet cleaning specialist.

Once you are assured that you have the right type of cleaning solution for the job, apply it on the stain, starting from the outer edges going to the inside. This will prevent the stain from spreading. Keep rags close by, so that you can blot up any excess cleaning fluid and moisture.

After you have finished removing the stain, use a clean white bath towel to remove the moisture and dry the carpet. Use gentle brush strokes to get the fibers back up to their standing position. 

If there is too much moisture in your carpet even after blotting it, lay a stack of white towels (around 3/4 inches in width) on top of the spot. Use a heavy book or similar object to weigh it down. 

Let it stand overnight. The next day, remove all the towels. Again, make sure that you brush the carpet nap up.

You can also speed up the drying of the cleaned-up stain on your carpet with the use of a hairdryer. As you blow warm air on the stain, brush the area with a towel to get the carpet fibers to stand.

How To Avoid Spills On Wooden Deck Floors

You can’t ever prevent spills from happening on carpets or wooden surfaces when you are decorating your home. You can, however, learn how to take care of them if you spill paint on a wooden surface, you must remember the following things and take action as fast as you can.

  1. Make sure you know what type of paint you are dealing with, with latex you can frequently wipe the spill up with hot soapy water. However, if it is an oil-based paint, this won’t be suitable. 
  2. Dealing with oil-based paint on wooden surfaces can be that bit more challenging to handle; the best solution to this is to use mineral spirits. 

What To Do If You Have A Large Spill?

Dealing with large spills on your deck can be that bit more complicated and not as simple you have a few things that you need to do to clean up these spillages, those things are as follows:

  1. First make sure you remove everyone from the spillage, for instance, children and pets especially. 
  2. Try and manage the spill by pouring sawdust or even kitty litter onto it! 
  3. Don’t wipe blot
  4. Remember when paint solidifies sometimes, you can peel it right off the surface.
  5. Make sure you mop up any excess liquid.

When paint spills, you may wish it never happened. When it does, it is sometimes easy to wipe up your spillage and remove the paint, and other times it is not. Just like any stain, the sooner you act, the easier it will be to clean it. 

If the paint is wet, then wipe as much of it as you can before it dries and sets into the fibers. Unfortunately when we’re “in the zone” we tend not to notice these little accidents. Unless of course, it’s a big enough spill, like half a pot… guilty!

Remember, if the paint has already dried, you should use a dull knife to remove the excess hard bits. Dip a clean towel in rubbing alcohol and blot the stain to break it up and lift it off the carpet. Repeat this process until the paint stain is completely gone.

Removing an odd spot from your wooden surface is simple enough, although. If you have an accident and you end up knocking over a full pot of paint onto your home surface floor, you might consider calling a company that offers cleaning services.

You will find many companies that have specialized equipment and cleaning supplies that will lift even the worst stains from your carpet. Or you may even wish to get you all deck stained and re-done to perfection from a company like Select Painting with experts on hand to give you a free estimate when you contact them.