Do you want to add some style to your home decor? Are you tired of staring at those blank walls with so much potential? Have you always wanted wallpaper but been deterred by the cost and potential maintenance issues?  

If you want to change the design of your home while preserving your future style versatility and not break the bank, wall stencils are a viable solution for you. Give us a call at Select Painting. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you create an incredible space you can enjoy.

Why Stencils?

There are many reasons to choose stencils for your walls. Whether you appreciate how cost-effective they are, that they can fit any wall or fit any style, stencils are a great option.

Cost Effective

Do you like the look of wallpaper but not the hassle or the cost? Do you want to make a statement quicker and at a much lower price?

Wall stencils are easier, and a more affordable alternative to designer wallpaper. According to the average cost to have wallpaper installed in a  12′ x 18′ room averages $1,000 – $1,300.

Wall decorations like this can do the same job at a lower cost. You can create a look identical to that of traditional wallpaper at a fraction of the cost using stencils. They can elevate the look of your home and make a huge impact without the big price tag. You can create the exact space you desire using stencils and paint.

Any Space Any Size

Do you have the perfect wall for an accent piece?  Or perhaps you’re thinking about adding a decorative-trim.

Wall stencils can be used to create a border, accent a wall, update a room, or transform a whole house. Wall stenciling is a quick, innovative, and utterly versatile way to get creative with your space.

Your Style

What is your style? Mid-century, Modern, Victorian, Bohemian? Is it nature-based? Do you like chevron? Would you like something custom?

.Wall stencils available are vast and endless. Whatever you imagine, wall stencils can help you achieve your decorating goals.

Our knowledgeable professionals at Select Painting would be more than happy to help you design and bring your ideas to life.

Safe for Walls

Wall stencils are not only a wonderfully cost-effective alternative to wallpaper but, unlike traditional wallpaper, they are safe to use and will not damage your walls.

The stenciling process requires no harsh chemicals or permanent adhesives. If you sell your home, move, or simply want to change styles you don’t have to spend days prying paper from the walls.

Wall stencils are a popular option with homeowners as well as renters, as they allow personal creativity without causing any damage to walls. If you decide to change the style of your home after a few years no problem, you can paint right over the wall stenciling.

Moisture is not an Issue

Humidity has always been a big concern where wallpaper is concerned. Most everyone has heard about problems with wallpaper installations where paper peeled away or dropped off the walls due to hot, moist air.

Traditional wallpaper is paper-based. Using wallpaper in areas that are typically subject to dampness and humidity such as bathrooms and kitchens causes damage to the paper that after time creates warping and sagging.

Stenciling walls in these same areas isn’t an issue as the only thing on the walls is paint which, if done correctly, won’t warp or peel over time due to moisture.

How to do Wall Stencils

When it comes to painting your wall stencils, there are some steps you will want to follow. Being thorough in your process will ensure a high-quality result.

Wall Prep

Wall preparation is one of the most critical steps in a stenciling project. Walls must be prepped and sanded before any stenciling can take place.

Walls with cracks, areas of unevenness, or any other damage should be repaired and coated with latex or oil-based paint.  Your walls should be as smooth and as flat as possible for designs to appear clean and precise.

The Tools Matter

Good quality stencil brushes are the most important tools in stenciling. Preferably you should have a large selection of varying sized brushes with at least one brush assigned to each paint color.

If you possess the technique and training, you can utilize a paint sprayer in your wall stenciling project for great results. A quality spray adhesive is a must as stencils need must be continuously repositioned during the stenciling process.

Adhesives need to maintain grip while not becoming tacky or leaving sediment on walls. Rulers and levels are essential to ensure quality and proper design placement in your project.


The correct stencil paint for your project, as with any painting project, will be determined by the type of surface you are painting as well as the stencils you are using. Paints that are suitable for stenciling can include latex, fabric paint, acrylic, or even spray paint.

When determining the correct paint type for your project your first consideration should be the type of surface you will be painting.  By choosing an appropriate area, creating a smooth surface, and correctly determining the paint, you will guarantee a successful and satisfactory outcome.

Give Us a Call

Wall stenciling is widely marketed as a Do it yourself “DIY” project, but it actually requires a lot of technique, accuracy, and attention to detail. Many “DIY’ers” who attempt wall stenciling come to find the project too advanced or tedious to complete.

Luckily, our staff is here to help.

If the thought of wall stencils is intriguing to you, our staff at Select Painting is more than happy to help you get started on your next stenciling project.

We will help you design your wall, room, or home. We will prep your walls making sure every measurement is precise, even at those hard to finish edges. We will methodically complete your project using only the highest quality materials and ensure everything turns out perfectly.

We would be more than happy to address any of your questions or concerns about wall stencils, go through design options, stencil materials, walk you through the stenciling process, and exceed your service expectations.