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Exterior Painting Services

With over 10 years of exterior painting experience, we provide a long lasting painting service with a quality, detailed finish. Exterior painting with the best process and product will help protect your home for years to come.

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Interior Painting Services

Interior painting requires a detailed eye and respect for your home. We offer our interior painting services with people we know you can trust. Interior painting is also one of the most cost-effective ways to update a room’s style and feel.

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Deck Staining Services

From brand new decks to re-staining faded, weathered decks we work to meet your expectations.

Decks take deep knowledge, communication, and care. We can confidently help you through this process while protecting the longevity of your deck.

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Commercial Painting Services

We are now working with many local contractors on large commercial projects in the Sioux Falls, SD and surrounding areas.

We will give you numbers and plans in a timely manner while also honoring the timeline needed for each project. With a solid team of commercial painters we are excited to continue serving our community’s growth.

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Concrete Coatings

If your garage floor is chipped, cracked, or just needs an upgrade, contact our Select Coatings division. Select Coatings’ polyurea product is stronger and more flexible than epoxy. It can tolerate temperature in excess of 200 degrees. Our concrete coatings are cooler too, great for bare feet on patios and pool decks! Backed by the best warranty on the market, you can rest assured your flooring will last for decades.