We’ve all been there: on the fence about painting a room inside your home. Maybe you want to change things up a little bit but don’t want to commit to painting the entire room.

Many people love the idea of painting a room but don’t have the time, energy, or money to paint all of the walls. Some people are nervous about how changing the color will affect the mood. Sometimes, you want a bold color that won’t go well on every wall.

An accent wall might be the answer you’re looking for to solve your design dilemma.

Whatever your painting needs, whether you want an accent wall or your entire home painted, you can trust Select Painting. Select Painting has been in business for 15 years serving the greater Sioux Falls area. Request an estimate for any painting needs today.

What is an Accent Wall?

An accent wall is a well-established decorating technique. It allows the decorator to use a pop of color to make a statement while leaving the rest of the room a neutral color. 

Accent walls are popular because of there flexibility. Just about any wall can be an accent wall, and you can choose just about any color (within reason). Each home is unique and suited to your tastes. An accent wall is just another way to express yourself.

A great thing about accent walls is you can paint one in basically any room. Choose a focal point in your living room or the main wall in your kitchen. You can paint the wall behind your bed for added focus behind your headboard. The possibilities are endless.

Tips for an Accent Wall

There are many things to consider when choosing an accent wall. Beyond colors and location, ensure you have thought through all the steps before you start painting.

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Bold

You don’t have to shy away from bold colors in your accent wall. Do you love rich, navy blue? Perfect! Choose a wall in your desired room and go for it. Just ensure you have enough coordinating pieces and decoration throughout the rest of the room to make it fit.

Be Creative

While we are partial to paint, there are a variety of mediums to choose from for an accent wall. You can also utilize a combination of things. Stone or tile can make a unique accent wall. Many people love this look in a kitchen or next to a fireplace.

Have you ever been in a home that used fabric hangings for an accent wall? Or what about an eye-catching built-in. There are no hard and fast rules for an accent wall. The point is only to bring focus to a specific area.

If you decide to stick with paint, your accent wall does not have to be a solid color. Consider stripes or a pattern, like a chevron or a geometric design. Also consider specialty paint finishes, like a metallic sheen. How awesome would it be to have a metallic wall?

Keep With Your Personality

Yes, there has been lots of talk on being bold and making a statement. Don’t think that an accent wall has to be a bright or dramatic color. If you have a neutral theme, a brown wall can make as much of a statement as a blue wall in another room.

Neutral color themes are classic and will never go out of style. You can’t go wrong, enhancing your neutral theme with a stronger and bolder neutral color.

Consider the Rest of the Room

Just because the point of an accent wall is to draw focus, you don’t want to stop people in their tracks. Consider the rest of the room, especially the adjoining walls, before painting your accent wall.

White walls next to an accent wall can be quite tricky to pull off. Unless you are going for an extremely modern look, you might not like the end product. Accent walls do best next to neutral tones on the adjoining walls. Grey, beige, or “greige” are fantastic next to an accent wall.

Think Outside the Box

Yes, the title is accent wall. But what about an accent ceiling? A painted ceiling is not for everyone, but it is a unique decorating option. We have tips for painting a ceiling here if you’re interested.

You don’t even have to stick with neutral colors. Bright colors can go on the ceiling, as well. It might be more work to paint a ceiling than a wall, but the result could be fantastic.

Be Picky

Choosing the right wall for the accent is critical. A room without an architectural feature is generally perfect for an accent wall. 

You also want to be mindful of windows when it comes to choosing your wall. A wall of windows is an accent on their own. Painting a darker color around them can create a somewhat trippy effect that could be overwhelming.

Try to choose a wall in a direction which naturally draws your eye, or where you want to draw eyes. An accent wall on a side wall off to the side does not make much sense. Choose a wall where you want to focus the attention of your guests.

Get the Professional Help You Need

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Whatever your painting needs, indoor or outdoor, big or small, call Select Painting. We look forward to showing you our expertise and dedication to getting the job done right.