Painting your office or workspace can seem like a minor detail when you consider career or business success. Your temptation may be to think: with all your many essential tasks, who cares about how your space looks? Painting your office or workspace is a small but crucial detail that can make a big difference.

A space that optimizes your productivity, which is also a pleasant place for clients and visitors can be a gamechanger. Here we will share a helpful guide to painting your office or workspace that will create a more welcoming environment. Let’s get started with the ultimate guide to decorating your office or workspace.

Spell It Out: The Writing is on the Wall

Consider adding lettering to the walls in your office. When you were a little kid, adults probably told you not to write on the walls. Now, this childhood taboo is a big decorating trend!

It’s no secret that verbal decor is having a moment. We’ve all seen, “Live, Laugh, Love” signs in friends’ homes, or a “Gather” sign in their kitchen. Consider taking this hot craze to work.

First, decide what you want to say. Do you want the name of your business, a slogan, or an inspirational quote? All three options can send a message about your business or organization, who you are, and what you value.

You need to take into account who comes into your workspace and what they need to know about your organization. If you have clients regularly coming into your office, consider a phrase that tells them about your business. Your business slogan might be a good idea to display, or maybe your organizational priorities.

If you don’t regularly host clients or outside visitors, think about other kinds of lettering that might motivate workers. You can put up phrases that will motivate employees, or instill pride in the place where they work. Picture an eye-catching mural with your logo that will remind members of your team what your organization is all about.

Decide on a Color When Painting Your Office or Workspace

Consider what you liked about those colors when you make the essential decision to paint your workspace. This challenge can feel daunting, but that’s why it’s critical to think about what colors work in other, similar organizations.

Don’t limit yourself to businesses or offices, however. 

Think about the places where you feel the calmest and relaxed. Do you remember what color their walls are? How would your experience of that place have changed if the colors were ugly or unattractive?

Think about the overall vibe and tone you want to create by painting your office or workspace. This consideration will have a lot to do with who you want to notice the decor. Again, the colors you intend for employees’ appreciation may be different than the ones you choose to cater to clients.

Do some research into the that colors decorating experts recommend for the kind of atmosphere you want to create.


Decorators recommend deep blue shades for a relaxing color, and they aren’t the only ones. Deep blue is scientifically-proven to lower people’s heart rates! Respondents in a recent study reported that they found dark blue hues to be the most relaxing ones.


Did you know that some colors can encourage productivity? That’s the theory, anyway.

The four colors that some believe to be the most motivating ones are red, blue, yellow, and gold. Red is a natural color that can spur on those who work in physical jobs. Unlike blue, the color red can raise heart rates.

Blue has a reputation not only as a relaxing color but as one that promotes focus in workers. A relaxed mind is one that can concentrate on the task at hand without anxious distractions.

For an emotional color that encourages positive feelings, consider painting your office or workspace yellow. This sharp color has the power to energize people constructively and to promote optimism and creativity.

Green is an alternative to blue if you are looking for a quiet, contemplative color. The color green can also promote calm in mind and body for you, your coworkers, and your clients.


Of course, yellow is the color that many people associate with happiness. There are other cheery color alternatives you may want to consider to brighten peoples’ moods in your office.

Think of another bright color that evokes sunshine, orange. People attribute to the color orange the ability to encourage socialization and outgoing behavior. Getting along isn’t a bad thing in an office setting!


Dark colors like black, gray, and brown can seem dull and uninteresting to many people. These colors can have favorable properties, however.

The timelessness of black, gray, and brown is their strength. These colors convey a sense of stability and gravity. If you want to provide assurance and confidence to clients or visitors, expressing these qualities is essential. 

A little goes a long way with these heavier colors when you are painting your office or workspace. Consider deploying these colors in a limited way; perhaps you could opt for something understated, like an accent wall.

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