French doors are a stylish design feature that performs double duty by letting extra light into a room. French doors originated in 17th century France, but they provide a bright, contemporary look to a space even today. Whether you want to update existing French doors or to paint brand new ones, Select Painting can help.

Below are some things to consider concerning how to paint French doors. You may opt to do it yourself. You may also choose to save yourself time and hassle and bring on Select Painting’s experienced, committed professionals.

Select Painting is ready to address your questions and concerns every step of the way. Once we conduct a free estimate, and the customer is prepared to move forward, we begin our interior painting process. The following steps may settle whether this is a weekend project for you or a job for our dedicated pros. 

Monsieurs et Madames, Choose Your Color!

  • Free Consultation. Picking a color is at once the simplest and the most challenging part of a painting job. If desired, Select Painting can provide the customer with a color consultation to discuss popular colors and the home’s overall look. 
  • Determine Your Palette (We Thought We’d Throw in a Fancy French Word). Consider the color scheme of the room or house where the French doors are featured. Does your home has a palette, and if so, what is it? You want your French doors to complement the existing decor, and maybe even make it pop a little more.
  • Say Bonjour To Your New Color! You may only want to find a color for your French doors. You may want to incorporate it into an entire color scheme, either an existing one or a totally new one. Ideas can come from anywhere: something you already own, a favorite place, or design blogs and books.
  • Select Your Paint, Mon Ami. The kind of paint you choose Select Painting prides itself on the high-quality products they use for their projects. We help take the stress out of selecting a paint for your French doors by giving you confidence in our materials. 
  • C’est fini (or, choosing a finish). As you prepare to paint French doors, picking the right finish is an essential last step. The finish on an interior door needs to be durable, and ideally gloss or semi-gloss. You will also find a semi-gloss or gloss finish on a door makes it easier to clean.

Prepare the Work Space, S’il-Vous Plaît

    • Clear the Area. Select Painting professionals make sure to cover the area with drop cloths, plastic, or tape, and clear of furniture. This first step ensures that nothing is painted that isn’t supposed to be. Although preventive work can be tedious, making time for it at the beginning of a project helps everything run smoothly.
    • Channel Your Inner Artist! You may imagine yourself looking like a Left Bank artist, brush in hand as you paint your French doors. Unfortunately, while visible brush strokes can give a rustic look to other projects, they should be avoided on doors. Foam rollers or foam brushes work best for a uniform look on your French doors. 
    • Choose a Primer. You may need to prime your French doors before you paint them for your paint job to look its best. Select Painting will know what kind of primer to use on your French doors, depending on the paint you’re using. For example, if your paint is oil-based, you will want to be careful with a latex primer.

Sleek French Doors: Très Chic Techniques

French doors present challenges such as narrow window panes, which can complicate the painting process. Do some quick research to learn what techniques and products already exist that can help. Lifehackers have figured out some ingenious ways to make painting French doors quick and painless. 

What’s Next?

Once you have completed your project, you may find yourself looking at the view beyond your glass window panes. What your French doors open out onto matters almost as much as the doors themselves. Even the most beautiful pair of doors will suffer if they reveal an overgrown lawn or shabby deck.

If you want a deck to complement your fresh new French doors, Select Painting can help you with that, too. The deck staining service we offer our neighbors in the Sioux Falls area begins with power washing and preparing the surface. Our professionals can recommend the right stain for superior look and quality for years to come.

Choosing Select Painting: An Investment In Your Community

Select Painting values their origins as a small, local business with over a decade of experience and growth. We are honored that over 2300 customers have trusted us with their home and business improvement projects.

We develop our young employees to give customers – and by extension our community – their best. You take pride in maintaining your home, and we take pride in helping you.

When you work with Select Painting, you can feel good about supporting a community-oriented business. Our people are your neighbors, friends, and families. They are also hard workers and future leaders who are committed to service. 

Whether you are looking to spruce up your French doors, stain your deck, or both, contact Select Painting for a free estimate. We will provide your estimate in seven days or less.