Are you looking to give your deck a makeover this spring? Staining a deck is a fantastic way to refresh and revitalize your existing decking, and also a necessary step in preserving its quality. Staining a deck is essential for protecting the wood from the elements and preventing rot, as well as keeping the appearance of your deck in top condition.

If you enjoy sitting on your deck enjoying your family and friends, or relaxing and taking in the view, maintaining it will ensure you get plenty of use out of it and enjoy it for years to come. Like all other areas of your home, your deck also requires periodic care and maintenance.

Most wood decks require staining every few years. If you realize it is time to stain your deck, you can rely on the professionals at Select Painting to take care of all of your deck staining needs. Their expertise and knowledge will have your deck looking as good as new, and you’ll appreciate their exceptional service.

Staining a deck can be a messy and time-consuming job. If you are considering tackling your staining job on your own, take a look at these helpful tips to make your project easier and successful. If you still need the assistance of a professional team, you know you can rely on Select Painting to get the job done right.

Plan and Collect Your Supplies

Staining a deck is a more manageable undertaking with proper planning and preparation. To start in the right direction, you need to plan your project and gather the supplies you need. You will want to select an appropriate stain. Stain selection is dependent on both the color of stain you are looking for and the quality. Buying a high-quality stain can make a huge difference when it comes to longevity.

After selecting your stain, you will need to gather the necessary supplies. Safety goggles, rollers, gloves, paint brushes, drop cloths and a garden hose. You can also consider a pump sprayer for applying your stain.

Once you have the supplies you need and the right stain color, you’ll be ready to prepare your surface for staining.

Prep Your Surface

Before you can stain your deck, you will need to clean it to remove all debris and stains. If time allows, you can pressure wash the deck to accomplish this, but you will need to let it dry several days after. You can also add deck wash to your pressure washing process.

After sweeping away any debris, apply the deck wash and let it sit for about fifteen minutes. Once the cleaner soaks into the wood, you can use a stiff brush to scrub the deck wash into the wood. Rinse the deck thoroughly and let it dry before you apply any stain.

Sanding any splintering areas of your deck is also vital in making sure your stain adheres appropriately, and you achieve the desired results. Once you thoroughly clean your deck, you are ready to start staining!

Staining a Deck

When you are ready to stain your deck, you will want to plan the appropriate time to begin. Working in the afternoon or the direct sun is not optimal for stain application. Not only will it affect your comfort during the process, but will alter how the stain dries and sets.

An essential tip for staining your deck is to apply thin coats. You can start with applying the stain with a roller, rolling it with the grain of the wood. After you apply the initial coat with the roller, you can use paint brushes to work the stain into the wood.

If your deck requires a second coat of stain, be sure to wait four hours between coats. Once your deck has had twenty-four to forty-eight hours to dry, you are ready to use it again.


Relax and Enjoy

Now that your deck is fully restored and looking fresh, it’s time to sit back and enjoy your hard work by relaxing on your deck. Your new stain should last a few more years, giving you a nice break and more time for enjoyment. Staining a deck gives it a complete transformation and updates the look of not only your deck but your home and yard as well.

When it comes to caring for and preserving your wood deck, staining is an effective and rather simple way to do so. Your deck is a valuable asset to your home, and caring for it properly will ensure it lasts for many years.

Let Select Painting Help

If staining a deck seems more like something you would rather leave to the professionals, Select Painting is ready to help take care of your project for you. From prep work to clean up, we will restore your deck and have it looking new in no time.

Instead of working all day staining your deck, let us take care of everything you need and deliver fantastic results for your deck restoration. You’ll appreciate the professional results and quality workmanship, and the beautiful update to your deck.

With over ten years of experience, Select Painting is committed to exceeding our customer’s expectations and providing them with excellent service. We strive to offer high-quality stain and products that will keep your deck looking fabulous for years, and pride ourselves on the superior outcome of all of our projects.

If you are ready to start your deck staining project, contact us at Select Painting to get a free estimate and restore and refresh your deck. Staining a deck is a service we specialize in, and we look forward to working with you to provide you with a new and revitalized deck.

Let Select Painting handle your project, and you can focus on enjoying your deck with family and friends this summer. Maintaining your deck is essential to preserving it and will ensure your deck looks fantastic and fresh. You’ll love your newly stained deck and enjoy the beautiful look.