Sometimes, all it takes is a splash of color to transform your home’s exterior from drab to fab! You can make your home feel brand new with the right combination of colors. Whatever emotion you would like to invoke with your outside house colors, there is a perfect palette out there for you.

When you are planning your next big paint job, the chances are that the hardest part will be choosing which colors to use. It can be difficult finding the balance between staying within the latest trends while also picking a color combination that will age well. 

You don’t want to pick the most out-there colors of the season, only to regret your choice as soon as the next season’s colors come out. If you are looking for a few suggestions, Select Painting has got you covered. 

For today, we will be sticking with Behr’s list of 2020 color trends palette. Keep reading to find out which new colors made the list. Trust us; there are some real stunners ahead. 

2020 is extra special because it marks the end of a decade. People are looking forward to the next decade and the positive changes they are hoping it will bring. These milestones are often all about new beginnings. 

This new decade, people will be looking for balance. As we all know, these last few years have been tough for everyone. We could all use a fresh start. 

While we know that a fresh coat of paint won’t solve all your problems, sometimes, those little changes give you a new perspective. That might be all the boost you need to enact some of those positive changes you want to see in this coming decade. 

This year, Behr drew inspiration from elements that you find in nature, such as sky, water, earth, and green growth. These colors were chosen because they are strong enough to stand on their own but versatile enough to complement each other. 

So, without further ado, let’s talk about the hottest paint colors that will be trending in the new year.

Dusty Lilac

Vintage and Soft

The first color on the list is a soft and sophisticated purple; think lavender for grown-ups. Use this color for your siding or as a pop of color on your trim. 


Energetic and Optimistic

Bright and sunny, this vibrant yellow feels joyful and lively. We think this would be a great way to make your front door stand out.

Red Pepper

Deep and Dramatic

If you love a bold pop of color, then Red Pepper is meant for you. The boldness of this red makes a perfect accent for your shutters or trim. 

Back to Nature- Color of the Year

Fresh and Invigorating

This refreshing green evokes feelings of calm and balanced graciousness. It’s easy to see why Behr chose this as it’s color of the year for 2020.

Creamy Mushroom

Cozy and Versatile

If you are more of a traditionalist, this neutral beauty is perfect for you. It’s a nice mix of gray and beige, and it would make an excellent base color for your house. 

Painter’s White

Soft and Composed

Choosing white for your house always seems like a safe bet, but really, white can be a risky choice. You want to find a white that is not too white, and this hue is a perfect blend of white and gray. The result is soft and elegant.


Bright and Spirited

Just a touch brighter than robin’s egg, this blue is also inspired by a bird. It is bold and fresh and a fantastic way to create a focal point and draw the eye to any feature you want to accent. 

Cider Spice

Earthy and Approachable

This rich, clay-toned beauty is the perfect rusty red-orange you have been searching for. It will make you feel warm and fuzzy all over with nothing more than a glance.

Graphic Charcoal

Modern and Refined

This steely gray is the perfect mix of classic and contemporary. Use it for any application for your siding, shutters, trim, or front door. 


Soulful and Floral

With this sweet hue, the whimsy doesn’t stop at the name. It’s the pink of a little girls room, all grown up.


Luxe and Coastal

Blue and green make lovely bedfellows. We love this color because it is the marriage that blue and green have been waiting for; think coastal sophistication. 

Secret Meadow

Eclectic and Global

You will feel like you have indeed stumbled upon the secret garden of your dreams. It’s deep, dark, and our new favorite shade of green.  

Battleship Gray

Adaptable and Grounded

Probably the most traditional shade on this list, battleship gray has a grounding effect. Pair it with some of the bolder shades on this list for a killer combination. 

Rumba Orange

Lavish and Exotic

Bring out your inner Bohemian with this orange that is somehow both deeply rich and vibrantly bright. 

Light Drizzle

Soothing and Serene

If you are looking for a calm tone to ground your color palette, this sweet and serene blue is a perfect choice.

If these colors don’t float your boat, don’t worry. Pretty much every major paint company puts out its own list of new paint trends. They usually plan palettes that complement each other, so you can mix and match within the list, and whatever you choose should all work together nicely.

Check out these lists for more ideas and inspiration:

All in all, this year’s lineup is a pretty solid one. If trendiness is important to you, you have some excellent options to choose from. We hope that you can find some inspiration as you browse through the information we have provided here. 

Ultimately though, the most important thing is to choose the colors that you like best. You will be much happier in the end. You might regret your choice if you go with the trendy option over the color you really want. 

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