The exterior of your home takes a beating, especially here in Minnesota. While your home’s exterior protects you from the elements, it gets the brunt of the rain, snow, sleet, hail, wind, ice, and freezing temperatures. Then come summer, it’s fending off the sun, heat, and thunderstorms.

Over time, your home’s exterior finish will show the signs of this abuse and need repainting. If you’re ready to paint the outside of your home — either for the first time or as a renovation — then you want to know which exterior house paint will perform well in Minnesota conditions. Painting your home is an investment, and you want the finish to look sharp and last a long time.

At Select Painting, we are exterior house paint pros, and we have some tips for selecting the best exterior paint for your home.

What is Your Home’s Exterior Made Of?

You probably don’t have a straw house, but your home’s exterior might be made of wood or brick. It might also have a combination exterior, such as siding and brick, or use vinyl, composite, fiber cement, or asbestos siding.

Different building materials require different types of paint. You don’t want to get a paint that won’t adhere to your home’s exterior and begin cracking or flaking shortly after you’ve finished the job. Some building materials, such as brick, are more porous than others, and they will soak up the paint faster. That means you may need more paint to get the coverage you desire.

Analyze your home’s exterior, taking into account materials such as window and door trim, soffits, gutters and drainpipes, vents and vent covers, as well as the main walls. When you do an exterior paint job, you will likely want to paint the trim with a complementary color. You may need a different kind of paint for these areas.

Exterior House Paint Types and Finishes

Choose a latex-based exterior paint for your home’s exterior walls and trim. This type of paint works well with seasonal temperature changes because it expands and contracts. It also dries quickly and is easier to clean up. Take care not to apply it over existing oil-based paint, however, as it will bubble and peel. If your home is already painted with oil-based paint, you’ll need to use the same kind for the new coat.

There are three types of finishes for your paint, and you’ll need to choose which one suits your home and aesthetic. Gloss paints resist damage the best, but they don’t work well for large surfaces, such as the exterior walls or siding. Semi-gloss or gloss paints are best for door frames and window trim, where they will look shiny and polished.

Semi-gloss can also be a good choice for exterior doors, as long as the door is in good condition since gloss paints tend to show imperfections. The one exception to using gloss for larger surfaces is if you have a brick home. Gloss paints help seal the brick’s porous surface.

Satin, also known as eggshell, finish exterior house paint is best suited for vinyl or fiber cement siding, or wood planks, provided it is newer or in good repair. This finish is less shiny than a gloss but has a light sheen that you don’t see in flat paint.

Although flat paint finishes are less in vogue today, they do have a few benefits. Flat paint works quite well for older homes, or those with evidence of wear-and-tear on their exteriors. It is also very easy to touch up, as new applications blend well with the previous paint. It won’t last as long as its glossier cousins, but flat paint will improve a home’s appearance in the short-term.

Paint That Lasts

When choosing the best exterior paint for your home, you want it to last a decade or more — even in extreme weather conditions. You don’t want to worry about repainting your home every couple of years. Invest in a quality paint to ensure that it provides excellent coverage and durability.

One paint we would like to recommend is Manor Hall Exterior Paint. Manor Hall features ManorShield, which provides incredible durability. Whether you have wood or vinyl trim or siding, you can use this paint for exterior walls, trim, or doors. We use Manor Hall on all of our projects.

Another plus of this paint: it has fantastic hiding power! Using it with a paint sprayer, brush, or roller, it will mask even damaged, worn, or rusted surfaces and leave them looking crisp, clean, and attractive for many years. This paint will truly transform your older, worn, or damaged surfaces, giving them new life and hiding imperfections.

In addition, this paint resists fading and cracking. It even helps prevent mildew. Although it is pricier than some other brands and types, it is well worth the investment in improving your home’s curb appeal and in standing up to the elements.

Let Select Painting Help You

If you’re not sure what the best exterior paint is for your home, give us a call at Select Painting. We will be happy to examine your home’s exterior to determine what type of paint you currently have and make recommendations for what paint would work well for your needs. We can also help you assess the kind of siding or other materials that are on your home.

If you would like help deciding colors, contact our friends and partners at Omorfia. They can help you choose a color that will bring beauty to your house and will look incredible for years to come.

At Select Painting, we have years of experience painting home exteriors in South Dakota. If you’d like us to handle the job from start to finish, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today and let’s talk about how we can help you select the best exterior paint for your home and get the job done.