How to Paint a Door or Trim that Pops!

When most people think of interior painting, they think about walls and rollers. Painting your interior walls is a ubiquitous DIY home project to update a room or give your new home more style. The other part of interior painting is done less often and is more difficult as a DIY: painting your doors and […]

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How to Prep for Exterior House Paint

We are coming up on that time of year. The time when all the outdoor projects that have been on hold throughout the winter months are about to commence. Homeowners have been planning and preparing for all sorts of jobs around the house. Everything from gardening to painting to minor repairs is on the list.

If […]

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Best Exterior Paint for Your House

The exterior of your home takes a beating, especially here in Minnesota. While your home’s exterior protects you from the elements, it gets the brunt of the rain, snow, sleet, hail, wind, ice, and freezing temperatures. Then come summer, it’s fending off the sun, heat, and thunderstorms.

Over time, your home’s exterior finish will show the […]

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Tips on Staining a Deck

Are you looking to give your deck a makeover this spring? Staining a deck is a fantastic way to refresh and revitalize your existing decking, and also a necessary step in preserving its quality. Staining a deck is essential for protecting the wood from the elements and preventing rot, as well as keeping the appearance […]

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How Changing Your Kitchen Paint Colors Can Make Your Kitchen Sizzle

Your kitchen is the focal point of your home and also a gathering place for the family. Whether preparing meals together or just spending time with one another, the kitchen is typically a warm and inviting place within your home. Your decor and color scheme can and should reflect those sentiments.

If you are wondering […]

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How to Choose Exterior Paint Colors

Anyone who has ever watched HGTV can tell you that curb appeal is essential. We devote countless hours to home design shows, deciphering what home is welcoming and alluring, and what home is, well, not.

Exterior paint colors and landscape are the introductions between you and the outside world. You want to make sure you […]

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Pros and Cons of Garage Floor Epoxy

Your garage is for your car, right? Maybe you use it to store your holiday decorations the rest of the year when they aren’t in use. Or perhaps your garage is a gym. Whatever you use your garage floor, you may have thought about epoxying it.

But what are the benefits of applying epoxy to your […]

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How to Remove Paint from Wood

If you have an older home with quality cabinets and heavy wood doors, you probably inherited decades of paint. Most times, people paint over existing paint for a touch-up or to change the color, but at some point, the layers of paint become so heavy that you need to strip the paint and start fresh. […]

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Best Ways to Clean Your Paintbrushes

Painting your house can completely transform it; whether the exterior, a room inside, or even an accent wall. Updating your home with new colors can be a lot of work, but also give your house a fresh look.

You may be painting just to refresh old and peeling paint out of necessity, or you might be […]

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How to Paint Paneling

Does your home feature dark and dated paneling? If your home was built in the 1960s or 70s, it more than likely has some. It’s a big and costly home improvement project to tear out paneling and replace it with drywall.

An alternative way to get your home out of the 70s is to paint your […]

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