Farmhouse Paint Colors For Your Home

When it comes to home decor, farmhouse paint colors are trendy right now, and for good reason. Farmhouse style is having a moment, but it has a timeless quality that will last for years to come. If you’ve ever seen “Fixer Upper,” you know what “farmhouse” means: rustic and clean simplicity, with a neutral palette. 

If […]

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You Can Easily Paint Window Frames… Here’s How

Learning how to paint window frames can be a fantastic way to update your home. If your window frames have peeling paint or don’t offer the wow factor you want, a bit of paint can do a fantastic job. The question is, how do you paint window frames without covering the glass and wall with […]

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Paint Spills Happen…How to Avoid and Deal With Them

It is unavoidable not to drop spots and spills of paint when painting. It can be that you accidentally spill a drop off your brush or accidentally splash the bucket. Kids might be doing their art homework on the living room table and their paint spills on the carpet. Or you have an accident on […]

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Things You Need to Know Before Painting French Doors

French doors are a stylish design feature that performs double duty by letting extra light into a room. French doors originated in 17th century France, but they provide a bright, contemporary look to a space even today. Whether you want to update existing French doors or to paint brand new ones, Select Painting can help.

Below […]

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How To Clean Your Walls For The Perfect Paint Job

Considering how many walls you have in your home, you must understand how to clean them properly. If you are trying to save yourself some time, a professional job is something to consider. 

At Select Painting, we don’t just have ten years of experience with painting projects; we also know how to clean your walls correctly, […]

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Everything You Need to Know about Paint Finishes

Are you making a significant color change in your home? Painting your home, whether inside or out, is one of the most transformative home improvement projects. A brightly colored accent wall or a delicate clean trim can completely change the aesthetic of your home and have your guests wowing as they walk in the door. 

You […]

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How to Paint Your Ceiling for a New Look

The forgotten canvas right above our heads, the ceiling. The ceiling is just as important as the walls to elaborate on your style. 

Need an expert opinion? All it takes is one call to the friendly staff at Select Painting to make those style options effortless and professional. 

Properly painted ceilings can bring warmth or even open […]

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How to Make Your Deck Pop

Your deck becomes a magnet for good times in the summer. There is no better place to be than hanging out in your own private space, grilling, and hearing the laughter of friends and family.

Your deck becomes a source of pride. As a part of your home, it can make or break your home’s reputation […]

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How to Find the Best Commercial Painting Contractor 

For you to successfully complete your painting project, you must hire the right contractors who won’t cut corners. Finding the best commercial painting contractor for your business can be quite tricky. If you have never hired one before, you may not even know how to start.

Select Painting is made up of a team of dedicated […]

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6 Painting Tips From the Pros

If you are looking for a fantastic way to transform your home, new paint can give you a fresh and up-to-date look. A new coat of paint allows you to showcase your style, as well as repair any blemishes or damage to your existing paint. You might be looking for some painting tips if you’re […]

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