It’s time to sell your home, and you’re looking for a quick and painless way to maximize your home’s value. There are two words you should first focus on: curb appeal. And one of the best ways to increase curb appeal is to update exterior house colors.  

Any realtor will agree that a home’s exterior is a vital part in urging a potential buyer to “take the plunge.” A fresh coat of paint will welcome shoppers and help them visualize their lives in their new neighborhood. If your goal is to update and sell fast, having your house painted is the most time efficient way to add instant value to your home—especially if you choose a strategic color palette.    

When selecting exterior house colors for an exterior update, it is important to choose a hue that can serve as a blank canvas for the new owners. While that doesn’t mean you have to paint your home stark white—although we will discuss the perks of a white home below—you do need to consider which color choices will be most inviting to a variety of lifestyles.  

You may be hoping to sell a house that has brick, wooden siding, rock siding, shutters, or a historic front door original to the home. It is essential to hire a painting company that specializes in a variety of materials and will aid you in selecting a color scheme that is fitting for your unique abode.

At Select Painting, we will treat your home’s materials with the utmost care and utilize only the best methods. Potential buyers notice the details, and with our work, they will be able to envision your house as their new home.

Here are a few of the most effective and on-trend color schemes we recommend for your home’s update:

Greige: A Buyer’s Dream Color

This modern hue has been a huge hit for recent home renovations as it is a blend of the two most popular household paint colors: gray and beige. Greige is the perfect base for potential buyers, as it compliments most undertones and home styles. According to a study by Zillow, greige homes sold for an additional $1,526 over the traditional white exterior.

Pale Blues: A Fresh Start

Whether your house sits seaside or inland, a blue color palette will flatter your neighborhood and entice buyers. Light blue pairs well with most sidings, landscaping, and creates a serene setting for future residents. If you choose a pale blue for your house, it’s a great opportunity to paint your front door or shutters a dark navy that will be sure to catch a shopper’s eye.

Deep Gray: Bold and Stylish

Darker shades for the home’s exterior have gained popularity in recent years and can help encourage a quicker, more profitable sale. Deep gray demonstrates a striking and sophisticated point of view that will excite home shoppers. A freshly painted, dark gray with warmer undertones will certainly help your home sell quickly if that “For Sale” sign isn’t doing the trick.

Navy: Vintage Color With Modern Vibes

Similar to the dark grey option, navy blue is bold enough to “wow” shoppers without seeming outlandish. A classic navy is an excellent choice if you are hoping to achieve an expensive look that stands out on your block. Wooden siding, white trim, brick, rock and lighter grey details all compliment this rich blue shade.

Sage: Muted, Not Boring

Sage green is a lively neutral if you’re looking to steer away from the common grays and browns path. This hue pairs well with iron finishes, wooden and rock details, and gray trim. Reminiscent of the greens found in nature, sage will either compliment or make up for a lack of greenery in your front yard.  

Beige: A Crowd Favorite

If the search for a perfect exterior home color becomes too overwhelming, warm beige is a safe option that will sell your property fast. Beige is one of the top paint sellers making it an excellent option for a seller looking to appeal to the masses.

Since beige homes are consistently seen on the market, you may want to differentiate your house by adding a darker accent for your front door. Zillow claims that by painting your front door dark charcoal or black you can increase your sale by an average of 6.9 percent.

White: Clean and Classic

White is timeless on all exterior surfaces and materials, increases the perceived scale of the property, and reads as “clean” to newcomers. While deciding to paint your home white may seem simple enough, there are hundreds of variations of the color that you can choose from based on warmth and shade. Our Select Painting professionals are happy to guide you to the best white tint to maximize your sale.

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As you prepare to put your home on the market, be sure to consider the current aspects of your home you would like to highlight or mask. Think about the areas of the house that will remain unpainted—such as your roof or stone walkway—and select a color that will accent those areas nicely.

Whether you prefer a dramatic navy or muted beige, a quality paint overhaul will help you sell your house quickly and profitably. It’s important to select a color scheme that will appeal to a variety of potential buyers and remain relevant for years to come. Our Select Painting team offers a color consultation that will help you finalize the best palette for your project.

The painting methods and surface preparation used on your house’s update are equally as important to selecting an eye-catching color. Our experts at Select Painting will ensure that your home’s fresh look will long endure the wear-and-tear of weather and age that exteriors face over time. With each project we take on, we make sure to thoroughly clean and prep all surfaces so that they are suitable for our high-quality primers and paints that are sure to impress shoppers.  

Our Select Painting professionals would be happy to give you a free estimate and discuss your project plans.