Chalkboard paint is so versatile and has been one of the most consistently popular interior paint trends in recent years. When it comes to painting ideas, you don’t get much more versatile than chalkboard paint.

Contrary to what you might think, chalkboard paint comes in many different colors and finishes – not just the standard matte black and green you remember from elementary school. 

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Painting Prep

No matter what painting project you’re starting, it’s essential to prepare your surface and your work area to ensure the best results. Here are some essential tips to keep in mind:

  1. Make sure you have proper ventilation indoors if you’re painting inside. If you’re painting outside, check the forecast to make sure the weather stays dry.
  2. Assess your lighting and do a test swatch. When you first swipe that brush of color, you need to make sure you like it when it’s wet AND when it dries. Natural lighting will give you the most accurate idea. 
  3. Clean the painting surface thoroughly. Whether its a wall, metal, wood or finished furniture, you’ll want to make sure it’s been adequately cleaned to guarantee a smoother finished product.
  4. If you’re painting a furniture item, remove any knobs, hinges or other hardware.
  5. Use painter’s tape to carefully cover or edge any surface area you DON’T want to be painted. 
  6. Make sure you have enough paint to finish your project. With chalkboard paint, count on needing two coats of color at the very LEAST. Some chalk paint jobs require three or more layers to look their best. 
  7. Chalkboard paint dries more slowly than your typical latex paint. Allow ample time to dry in between coats and three full days to cure before drawing on it. 
  8. For additional durability, consider applying a layer of soft wax finish to your chalk paint surface – especially if you plan on writing, erasing and rewriting over time.

Chalk Paint Project Roundup

Chalkboard paint is an easy and affordable way to transform a room or an entire home with a simple swipe of the brush. 

The possibilities are endless – you can use chalkboard paint to organize, label, and decorate, or as a canvas to explore artistic talents. You don’t have to write on it – chalk paint adds a soft and “shabby chic” look that is wonderful all on its own. 

Organize Your Pantry

Pantries get cluttered and messy in the blink of an eye. Try some of these tips to keep your food storage area neat and tidy:

  • Save time finding what you need by adding chalk paint labels to your jars and containers. Chalk paint is non-toxic and will hold up best if you hand wash it instead of putting it through the dishwasher. 
  • Make grocery shopping a cinch and paint your pantry doors with chalkboard paint. Whenever you notice you’re running low on an item, just jot it down on your grocery list!

Jumbo Wall Map

For a unique piece of art that can also double as a geography lesson, try making a giant world map on the wall with chalkboard paint and a stencil. 

You can challenge yourself to label each country by memory, color in all of the places you have traveled, or mark each location that’s on your bucket list. 

Chalkboard Calendar 

It’s hard enough to remember all of your own appointments, events, and obligations – much less coordinate the schedules of an entire family! 

Creating a chalkboard calendar and putting it in a high-traffic area of the home where everyone can see is an excellent option for busy families. You can customize it to fit your needs – perhaps a weekly calendar works best, or you’d rather have a monthly chart to help you plan ahead. 

Chic Kitchen

There are a plethora of chalk paint ideas for the kitchen – you are limited only by your imagination.  

  • Create a dynamic backsplash for your kitchen instead of tiles or wood.
  • Add chalkboard labels to your favorite serving tray, so you always have a handy space to describe each delicious component of your cheese board. 
  • Paint your fridge with chalk paint, and now you’ve got a surface that is magnetic AND ready for chalk scribbles – the perfect place to keep kids occupied while you make dinner.  
  • Add a layer or two of chalk paint to your kitchen table to make family night even more fun! It makes the perfect surface to play tic-tac-toe or other classic games,  or you can track your board game score right on the table.  
  • If you do a lot of baking or cooking, your kitchen could benefit greatly from an organized measuring station. Choose a convenient cabinet door, and paint the inside with chalk paint, install some hooks for spoons and cups, add some measurement conversions and voila!

Kids Room

Combating clutter in a kids bedroom is tough. Chalkboard paint can help encourage your kids to stay organized!

  • Slap on a layer of paint on the dresser and write in chalk on each drawer so kids know where different items are stored. Maybe then they will volunteer to put away clothes all on their own!  – write what goes in each drawer to help kids put away their clothes on their own. 
  • Use chalk paint on buckets or other receptacles for toys and keep them organized by type during clean up time.
  • Encourage your kids to write on the walls! Get artsy with your chalk paint project and create fun designs in contrasting colors or simple silhouettes. 


If you love entertaining at your home bar, chalkboard paint can add a fancy restaurant feel that is guaranteed to impress your guests. 

  • Show off your always changing wine collection while keeping track of what you have – it’ll make wine pairing with your dinner a breeze!
  • The serious cocktail enthusiast will love being able to display the cocktail of the evening on the wall right next to the bar. 

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